1. Smart Family

With the accumulation of Internet of things technology, the progress of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology, and the concerted efforts of traditional home appliance manufacturers, communication manufacturers, Internet enterprises and intelligent hardware manufacturers, the domestic smart home market is heating up rapidly.

In the smart home, the application of intelligent security monitoring system is mainly reflected in three aspects: monitoring, anti-theft and fire early warning:

Home monitoring: the commonly used device is the smart camera, which is used to monitor the situation at home in real time. Users can view the changes at home anytime and anywhere through their mobile phone. In addition to remote viewing, the smart camera also has the functions of human movement detection and alarm, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, HD playback and so on.

Fire warning: this kind of equipment is mainly used for household fire and explosion prevention. Common equipment include smoke sensor, gas leakage detector, intelligent switch, etc. they will give an alarm when the smoke or combustible gas reaches a certain concentration, or automatically cut off the power supply to avoid fire, rather than let users know after the incident.

Home anti-theft: anti theft equipment includes human activities and door and window switch sensing equipment, such as infrared intrusion detector, door and window magnetism, intelligent door lock, etc. under the system defense state, these equipment can sense someone entering, door and window opening, and then give an alarm, and timely transmit the induced abnormal conditions to the user’s mobile phone, so as to protect family and property.

2. Smart hospital

As an important field of security monitoring system, in addition to the traditional security monitoring system, the hospital also closely combines the security system with the business of the hospital to build a scientific and reasonable monitoring project of comprehensive application system that can not only ensure the safety of the hospital, but also be conducive to the development of medical affairs, which is an important process for the development and improvement of security application in domestic hospitals, From the current hospital safety management, the monitoring project presents the characteristics of networking, integration and digitization.

Video surveillance system: video surveillance system is still the most important application in hospital security. From the perspective of regional function division of the hospital, the regional parts of the hospital are different, the purpose of prevention is different, and the performance of video monitoring equipment is different. Therefore, the video surveillance installed in each area of the hospital should meet the actual prevention needs.

Access control system: at present, the main application areas of access control system in the hospital include ICU intensive care unit, operating room, radiation source room, laboratory, pharmacy, toll office and other key parts. According to the functions of the key management parts of the hospital, the access control should manage the access authority by levels and periods, and control the access of relevant personnel, so as to realize the safety management of important areas of the hospital.

Intrusion alarm system: the intrusion alarm system can protect the defense area with 24-hour warning and other key defense areas. In case of alarm, the on-site light and video surveillance camera can be linked to record the video image of the alarm site. The alarm host can select equipment that supports multi keyboard and multi-user password hierarchical management, and can also linkage alarm with 110 through alarm networking.

Networking platform: the basic functions of the hospital security comprehensive management platform system mainly include video monitoring subsystem level management and control, alarm system subsystem management and control, entrance and exit control subsystem and management and control, electronic map application, system log, centralized data storage and centralized authority management. In addition, with the increasing attention to emergency management, the hospital security comprehensive management platform system should also have the function of emergency management, so as to basically meet the needs of hospital security management.

3. Unmanned convenience store

Unmanned retail stores are naturally the testing ground for various intelligent monitoring technologies. From the initial anti-theft and loss prevention, to the later fine management of supporting retail, to the new goal of plasticization, intelligence and collaboration of retail infrastructure, it is a new application and extension of Internet of things technology, image intelligent analysis technology and biometric recognition technology on the basis of the original anti-theft and loss prevention.

The camera has a more accurate insight into consumer demand: in the field of rapid development of computer vision, the monitoring system market embraces artificial intelligence, and the intellectualization of the camera is the general trend. Video surveillance system has been successfully used in attendance, passenger flow statistics, face recognition, transaction statistics and other functions. Chain store enterprises have gradually begun to manage the operation of stores by means of information. The camera will help traditional retail enterprises to have a more accurate insight into consumer needs, provide reference for operation and management, and move towards new retail.

4. Smart big data to improve customer statistical analysis:

Through security big data analysis, we can provide hot spot statistics system for stores, collect and analyze customer behavior data of personal care commodity display and shelf layout, such as how long customers stay in front of different commodities, so as to serve as a reference for final adjustment decision-making. Thus, it innovates the application of video monitoring system for remote management of retail stores, and creates beneficial enlightenment for the chain retail industry on how to carry out big data applications such as consumption data comparison and analysis through video monitoring system.

5. Station

Railway stations all over the country are important places for people to travel in their daily life. The safety and stability of these places has played a very important role in ensuring social stability and unity and people’s living and working in peace and contentment. Especially on holidays, people travel more intensively, the passenger flow in the railway station is much more than usual, and the management of the station has become particularly important.

Face recognition ticket checking: the high-speed automatic recognition capability of the face recognition system can largely free the public security and security departments from the previous “crowd tactics”, greatly improve the security level of the whole country and society, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining social stability.

Conclusion: AI Artificial Intelligence has played a great role in promoting the development of security monitoring engineering. The five application scenarios of artificial intelligence are also an important demand driving force for the development of security monitoring. I believe that with the improvement, progress and maturity of AI, the field of intelligent monitoring and security will usher in geometric rapid development.

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