As the first mock exam of the third industry, the tourism industry always seems to be the trend of super fashion. With the development of VR virtual reality technology, what kind of combination will VR virtual reality equipment and tourism industry be?

We must have a deep understanding of the several major pain points of traditional tourism. The first is time. I’m busy with my work and study. If I don’t have time, I can hardly catch up with the holiday. However, I find that golden week has become “golden porridge” again, which is full of people everywhere. Another is that the traffic is inconvenient or there are various problems in the journey.

Since 2016, the explosion of vr virtual reality technology has solved all these problems. Tourists can have a walk and go trip at home without leaving. VR + tourism is simply to create a virtual space with a computer, and restore the scenic spot scenery with high quality, so that tourists can walk around and enjoy the scenery at will, and enjoy the 360 degree omni-directional view, which is not inferior to the feeling of watching the scenery on the spot. At the same time, vr virtual reality equipment can also improve the experience of tourists in terms of hearing, smell, touch and so on. Even if you use vr virtual reality equipment to watch the scenery, it will not be boring.

Combination of vr virtual reality technology and Tourism

Secondly, through three-dimensional modeling, vr virtual reality technology can also realistically reproduce the cultural and historical landscape of the scenic spot, let the mysterious history fade, and bring the immersive experience to tourists. It can even break through the limitation of time and space and visit the beautiful scenery in different seasons. Tourists can enter any place they want to go at home anytime and anywhere with vr virtual reality equipment, without being bound by time and place. This mode of tourism also has a strong portability, which saves tourists from queuing up to buy tickets, and also avoids worrying about various problems in the journey.

In addition, vr virtual reality technology has another role in the tourism industry, as an auxiliary tool before travel. Most of the time, tourists often face the problem of information asymmetry. The picture on the brochures is too far away from the scene, which is quite different from the beautiful scenery expected in the heart. The integration of VR technology can well avoid the occurrence of such problems. Tourists can see more details of scenic spots and hotels through vr virtual reality equipment, and have a sense of immersion and freshness compared with traditional publicity photos.

Combination of vr virtual reality technology and Tourism

VR + tourism is a new mode, the integration of vr virtual reality technology can really bring new experience to tourists. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. While enjoying the scenery through vr virtual reality equipment, it is convenient and fast to experience the novelty. At the same time, the happiness of traditional tourism mode is not experienced in VR tourism. For example, when we go to Hangzhou, in addition to seeing the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, we also want to taste the local delicacies and local customs. This is through vr virtual reality equipment( )What can’t be realized. Of course, although it can not be replaced, with the development of science and technology, VR tourism will become a unique way of tourism.

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