Recently, cmsemiconductor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as cmsemicon), which focuses on the innovation and development of mixed signal SOC, announced the official release of the first 32-bit microcontroller integrated with risc-v core – ant32rv56xx. This series of chips are equipped with nucleus system technology N100 series ultra-low power risc-v processor core, which integrates analog peripherals and simplifies the design, so as to easily meet the requirements of high computing power and low power consumption of consumer electronics.


As the core component of embedded control system, microcontroller has high requirements for computing power, power consumption and peripherals. Equipped with risc-v processor, ant32rv56xx further realizes the perfect balance of performance, computing power and power consumption. With high efficiency and flexible compatibility, it can be widely used in wireless charging, digital analog mixing and IOT applications.

Ant32rv56xx is designed to reduce the number of driving circuit components with super powerful peripherals and rich resources, and improve the system control efficiency with more efficient design. Adhering to the design concept of cmsemicon mixed signal SOC, ant32rv56xx simplifies the design, integrates rich peripherals in a single package, with built-in 2-way operational amplifier and 2-way comparator, and 2-way programmable gain amplifier, which can replace off chip operational amplifier and comparator for wireless charging and decoding circuit.

Ant32rv56xx can quickly provide effective protection for the abnormal situation of system control. The chip has two channels of high-precision 12 bit ADC with low-speed and high-speed, which can accurately collect voltage, current and temperature signals for system control according to different application scenarios; Enhanced PWM flexible configuration is suitable for half bridge and full bridge control, fast braking function can effectively protect the whole control system, greatly improve the system performance and efficiency.

Ant32rv56xx has both high computing power and low power consumption. At present, it can provide a complete solution for wireless charging and transmitting. Cmsemicon’s 5W / 7.5w/10w/15w wireless charging and transmitting scheme based on ant32rv56xx is well prepared in terms of performance and power consumption. The scheme supports the latest Qi standard protocol v1.2.4 and qc2.0 fast charging protocol, and is compatible with apple 7.5W fast charging, Samsung 10W fast charging and 15wepp fast charging. It adopts power closed-loop control, flexible and efficient control, and has sensitive foreign body detection (FOD) function, which can quickly improve the wireless charging speed of mobile phone.

As one of the members of risc-v alliance, cmsemicon has been committed to jointly building risc-v open ecology for a long time. To help speed up the design and deployment of developers and promote easy debugging, cmsemicon has provided rich and complete development support for ant32rv56xx.

At present, designers can compile, download and debug risc-v kernel program based on cmstm series development tools. Cmsemicon provides independent knowledge integrated development environment (cmside) for risc-v kernel. Designers can freely manage and edit source files, compile, simulate and download one-stop solutions. The tool provides a graphical compiler configuration interface and a graphical chip option configuration interface. Its emulator is highly integrated with IDE, and has the advantages of drive free installation and fast read-write speed, which helps developers to quickly deploy and start the design.

Ant32rv56xx provides lqfp48 package type, equipped with risc-v processor, which will help developers achieve a perfect balance between power consumption and performance with unprecedented design flexibility and compatibility. At present, new products have begun to provide test samples, and cmsemicon is expected to launch other members of the product family in 2021.

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