Gaitc 2020 was held in Hangzhou future science and technology city. Huang Xiaoqing, founder and CEO of dakei technology, Chen Bojun, vice chairman of dakei holdings, and Fu Xiaoyu, CEO of dakei holdings were invited to participate in the conference and shared the keynote speech of “cloud robot: 5g killer application” in the “robot environment perception and cognition forum”.

This two-day conference held 6 keynote reports, 20 special forums and 3 simultaneous activities, covering cutting-edge technologies such as brain science, natural language processing, pattern recognition and big data, as well as industrial applications such as intelligent manufacturing, machine intelligence, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment and intelligent security. It has built a high-end platform for experts in various fields and played a positive role for the audience It has created an all inclusive knowledge feast.

The world’s leading cloud intelligent architecture in the future

Today, we have entered the fourth industrial revolution represented by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, giving machines and things active learning and thinking, self-organization and decision-making intelligence. The essence of the industrial revolution is that technology improves productivity. Science and technology changes the relations of production and eventually improves productivity, which makes the society progress rapidly. In the fourth wave of industrial revolution, cloud robot is the best architecture of intelligent robot.

Cloud robot based on cloud brain, safety neural network and robot control unit

Dakei technology is the world’s first cloud robot operator, founded by Mr. Huang Xiaoqing in 2015, with R & D and branches in many places around the world. Focusing on the strategic vision of “robots serving people and dakei service robots”, the company focuses on the research and development of cloud robots, and is committed to building a large-scale integrated intelligent machine learning and operation platform, safe high-speed network, business service robots and other intelligent devices at the level of telecom operators, providing services for global medical, education, real estate, retail, smart city and other industries Provide products and services of cloud robot, artificial intelligence and Security Cloud network.

Under the guidance of Shanghai municipal Party committee and government, dakei technology global headquarters officially landed in Shanghai, aiming at building a world-class artificial intelligence industrial cluster, integrating global industrial chain resources and capabilities, and building a global cloud robot industrial base and ecosystem.

Cloud robot based on cloud brain, safety neural network and robot control unit

In this special forum, dakei technology released cloud ginger (XR-1), which is based on the Trinity architecture of cloud brain, safety robot neural network, robot control unit and ontology.

Harix OS cloud brain operating system

Cloud brain is a common operating system for cloud robots developed by dakei technology, which provides developers with two levels of services, namely physical world service and virtual world training.

Huang Xiaoqing introduced that in the real world of physics, users can use harix cloud brain, VBN security robot neural network and RCU robot controller to manage and operate multimodal intelligent robots and supervise robot learning. In the virtual simulation world relying on digital twin technology, users can build multi scene 3D maps through the blueprint editor, and operate multi-modal AI robots for multi-dimensional training such as intelligent voice, intelligent vision, intelligent motion, etc.

Cloud robot based on cloud brain, safety neural network and robot control unit

The link between them depends on VBN neural network and 4G / 5G network, which can greatly improve the efficiency of robot training, collect more operation data, and reduce the trial and error cost of real robot. Its visualization. Graphical operation interface, easy to operate, convenient and fast, suitable for universities, research institutes, robot operators and individual developers.

Huang Xiaoqing believes that the harix OS cloud brain operating system is of great significance to the robot industry. “Cloud robot is a future oriented brain nerve body Trinity architecture, while harix OS cloud brain operating system is a multi-modal fusion AI platform for cloud robot, as well as a virtual mirror world for robot to build physical world, and an open and shared digital resource platform for crowdfunding digital earth through virtual reality technology.”

Robot neural network for MCS mobile intranet service security

Robot control unit (RCU) is a standard device for secure access to cloud brain, and also a carrier for robot operators to rent robot services. RCU is designed based on mobile intranet architecture. RCU runs multiple operating systems, and each system is isolated at the kernel level. The security system is only used to communicate with the cloud intelligent brain. The robot has safe and high-speed cloud intelligence, which can complete more complex operations and serve human beings.

Most of the carriers of 5g and AI are intelligent robots. Compared with the rigidity and accuracy of industrial robots, service robots have higher requirements. Smart compliant actuator (SCA) developed by dakei technology is specially designed for service robots. SCA is a truly high-precision, high-performance and highly integrated flexible actuator, which achieves technological breakthroughs in mechanical structure, core algorithm, processing technology and other aspects. SCA integrates bottom servo drive, new servo motor, high-precision encoder and high-precision reducer. Compared with the traditional servo system, the volume of SCA is only 1 / 10, which effectively solves the problem of joint integration of service robot. It has many characteristics, such as high integration, high performance, line control, large torque output and low cost.

Huang Xiaoqing said that based on SCA technology, Daxi technology’s XR plan ultimate robot plans to build an advanced cloud intelligent robot ontology. At present, cloud ginger, or XR-1 wheeled humanoid service robot, has been formed. XR-1 combines the vision, voice, semantics, motion and other comprehensive AI capabilities of cloud brain to form a multimodal intelligence capability. It has 34 degrees of freedom, namely 34 SCA intelligent flexible joints, and can complete complex actions such as precise movement, grasping, interaction and so on. XR-1 can connect the cloud intelligent brain harix through 4G / 5G / WiFi network, and the intelligent flexible actuator SCA, vision, hearing and motion perception modules installed in each joint can make XR-1 safely perceive human beings and the surrounding environment for interaction.

As a killer application in 5g era, XR-1 provides services for users through natural language processing, task driven dialogue, visual control robot operation (grab / pack / vSLAM) robot ability, as protocol, reception, business guidance, elderly care, promotion, VIP service personnel and other roles. Dakai technology will continue to adhere to the concept of “robot serving people, Dakai technology serving robot”, adding impetus to the ecological development of 5g cloud robot industry.

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