With the development and advent of 5G technology, video surveillance equipment has already become a common product. There are home cameras and civilian cameras, which can be seen in home communities, parks, and street corners. Video surveillance is more and more used by ordinary families, and civilian surveillance is everywhere. However, due to various factors such as policy, performance, demand, funding and other factors, the video surveillance system constructed by the public security cannot fully realize the monitoring without blind spots. Some public security video systems still have outdated equipment and slow operation. Connecting civilian monitoring equipment and public security monitoring equipment to the grid can not only make more rational use of monitoring resources, but also assist public security work and improve efficiency.

In recent years, with the advancement of electronic technology, both the public security monitoring system and the civilian monitoring system are developing according to their own characteristics, and the whole process also has their own advantages and disadvantages.

The security monitoring platform has strong functionality and directionality. Since its establishment, it has covered important locations, places, and road sections across the country, realizing a monitoring network that combines points, lines, and surfaces. It has gradually become an important means of actual combat units, but there are also some problems;

With the development of technology, system upgrade, cost reduction, flexible installation, simplified operation and other characteristics, civilian monitoring has also entered daily households, enterprises, and shops. The number of civilian monitoring is also advancing by leaps and bounds. According to incomplete statistics, the number of civilian monitoring It greatly exceeds the number of public security monitoring platforms. Many areas have access to civilian monitoring equipment, but there is no uniformity and no unified platform. There is no real-time transmission of pictures, the actual combat effect is not significant, and there is no corresponding management system, which cannot well protect the privacy of relevant personnel. And other issues.

In the actual video investigation, the suspect will not leave video clues on all public security surveillance probes. The limited number of probes makes it impossible to completely record all the suspect’s movement trajectories, plus the interference of weather, environment, human and other factors. There are not many valuable clues that can be used, so for the case, the reduction of effective clues is the increase of the difficulty of case detection.

However, for civilian monitoring facilities, both urban and rural areas have a high penetration rate. In fact, some small shops, supermarkets, restaurants and other small businesses have monitoring facilities in front of and in their stores. In rural areas, main roads generally pass through villages, and there are small businesses on both sides of the main roads. To a certain extent, these businesses are likely to undertake the consumption of criminals. If the public security monitoring platform can share the monitoring resources of the merchants in real time at this time, then the suspect’s movement trajectory can be analyzed and judged in the shortest time, and the nearest police force can be reasonably called for interrogation and interception.

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