Cissoid is a leader in high-temperature semiconductor solutions. It introduces its unique Vesuvio technology to realize the reliable operation of step-down DC-DC converter and high-efficiency operation at – 55 ° C ~ + 225 ° C. Vesuvio technology uses cissoid’s two chipset magma-hyperion and power transistor, including reference design and demonstration circuit board.

Suvio can reduce the input voltage of 6 ~ 30V to the adjustable output voltage of 1.2V, and the input efficiency is up to 90%. Vesuvio step-down converter shows an efficiency of more than 90% above 200 ° C. The device is configured as a synchronous DC-DC converter and works in continuous current mode (CCM) at constant frequency, making ripple filtering easier to meet the requirements of sensor applications. Vesuvio adopts magmapwm controller with soft start ability to realize smooth start. The forward compensation of input voltage makes it have very strong transient change of input voltage, and provides a DC line voltage regulation better than ± 1.5mv/v. The demonstration circuit board is adjusted to 5V output and provides up to 10W power at 225 ° C. The rated temperature of the circuit board is 175 ° C, but it can reach higher temperature in a short time. It is very suitable for testing applications with thermal streamers.

In addition to this case, Vesuvio technology can be used to build DC-DC step-down converter with output voltage up to 27V and power up to 50W. This reference design and bill of materials can be used for the assembly of high temperature substrate and high stability module.

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