LM393 battery charger circuit (1)

The cost-effective nickel cadmium battery charger LM393 is constructed as shown in the figure, which has the following characteristics:

(1) The constant current charge is distributed with large current di. When discharging, the constant current charging current is about 300 Ma, and the discharge current increases with the increase of battery voltage. When the battery is almost fully charged, the discharge current can reach 400 ma. Charge 1.5 seconds, discharge 0.5 seconds, interval. After the completion of high current charging, a trip current of about 5mA is charged.

(2) The battery voltage is detected when discharging, because the charging voltage is always higher than the discharge voltage, so when the actual battery state error is detected, it also reflects the battery capacity detected during the discharge.

(3) 1-4 rechargeable batteries can be used. For 500mah nickel cadmium batteries, the charging time is about 2 hours, which can meet the general needs.


LM393 battery charger circuit (2)


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