This is the circuit diagram of 80W power audio amplifier based on Power IC lm12. The circuit kit is sold in the electronic parts / components store, and the design has proved to be effective and operational. The amplifier operates with a bipolar power supply.

Here is the amplifier circuit diagram:

Here is the PCB layout:

About lm12:

Lm12 is a power operational amplifier capable of driving +25v? +10a when working under +30v power supply. Monomer? Can IC supply 80W sine wave power to 4x load? 0.01% distortion. The power bandwidth is 60 kHz. In addition, one? 800W peak dissipation capacity enables it to handle reactive power? Loads, such as sensors, actuators, or small motors? No derating required. Important features include:

Input protection

Controlled opening

Thermal limitation

Overvoltage shutdown

Output current limit

Dynamic security zone protection

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