At present, in the manufacturing market, industrial robots have considerable market potential. In order to make industrial robots truly used in all aspects of the production line and meet the growing demand of people, it is necessary to have a high-performance speech recognition control system. With the rapid development of computer hardware and software technology, semiconductor technology, electronic technology and communication technology, human beings have entered the post PC era. With the rapid development of speech recognition technology, a variety of products supporting speech recognition have appeared. Human beings have realized the voice command control of air conditioning, television, lighting, automatic curtains, etc., which makes people’s life more comfortable and convenient. A robot with speech recognition function is designed based on Sunplus 16 bit SPCE061A MCU. After training, the robot can respond to the trainer’s command and complete the actions of dancing two dances, walking, turning, turning and launching Frisbee.

Speech recognition can be divided into training and recognition. In the first stage, the speech recognition system learns the human language and stores the learning content into a speech inventory. In the second stage, the current input speech can be searched for the corresponding word meaning or semantic in the speech database. Sunplus 16 bit SPCE061A has 32K word flash memory, 2K word SRAM, 10 bit ADC and DAC, and up to 14 interrupt sources. Its CPU core adopts 16 bit microprocessor chip with DSP function, and the CPU can work at the main frequency of 49mhz at most, and can process complex digital signals very easily and quickly. Therefore, compared with other types of single chip microcomputer, SPCE061A has more advantages in digital voice processing. A robot with speech recognition function is designed based on SPCE061A. After training, the trainer can use various commands to make the robot complete many interesting actions, which makes the human-computer interaction more intelligent.

  SPCE061A minimum system

Circuit design of speech recognition robot system

SPCE061A minimum system contains the basic module of the peripheral of SPCE061A chip, which is mainly composed of crystal input module (OSC), PLL peripheral circuit (PLL), reset circuit (reset), indicator light (LED), etc. see Figure 4-1. The crystal oscillator and resonant capacitor are connected to the osc32o and osc32i ports, and the vcoin port is connected with the corresponding capacitance and resistance. In other unused VDD ports and GND ports, 0.1uF coupling capacitance should be connected to improve the anti-interference ability. Figure 4-1 SPCE061A minimum system.

  Clock circuit design

Circuit design of speech recognition robot system

The 32768Hz real-time clock is used in clocks, real-time clock delay and other time-related products in daily life. Crystal oscillator is used in SPCE061A clock circuit, and external crystal with frequency of 32768Hz is adopted. The wiring diagram of SPCE061A clock circuit can be seen in Fig.

  Design of PLL circuit

Circuit design of speech recognition robot system

Phase lock loop (PLL) is a system clock which can double the real-time clock (RTC) of 32768Hz and adjust it to 49.152mhz, 40.96mhz, 32.768mhz, 24.576mhz or 20.480mhz.

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