Electronic cipher lock is a cipher switch based on high-strength cipher sequence and realized on single chip microcomputer. It uses radio as the information medium to realize remote control. It can also be equipped with a simple contact communication interface, which is firm and loss proof. The lock has the characteristics of convenient use, simple operation and low price. Compared with the traditional lock anti-theft effect, it avoids the abnormal unlocking function caused by the destruction of the mechanical part, and greatly increases the anti-theft function of the password lock. At the same time, because the electronic code lock does not need to carry the key, it makes up for the defect that the key is easy to be lost and imitated, and facilitates the use of the lock. It is especially suitable for special occasions that are not accessible to normal human bodies, such as high radiation area, high infection area, etc. The design of household electronic code lock based on single chip microcomputer can not only improve people’s life efficiency and save life resources, but also be very safe and reliable. And will take this as the starting point to construct a more comfortable and humanized living environment.

  Power Design

The system is designed as a 5V DC regulated power supply to supply power to the system. AC220 mains power is transformed through a 220V ~ 9V transformer, then through a bridge rectifier circuit, then through a capacitor filter circuit, stabilized by 7805 regulated tube, and then through secondary filtering to output a relatively stable 5V voltage to supply power to the system.

  Circuit design of household electronic code lock system based on single chip microcomputer

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