The functions studied and designed in this paper are applied to mobile robot. Therefore, the research and design of the system need to consider the characteristics of small size, power saving, easy to move, and need to have a friendly display interface for home users. For the part of speech recognition, we need to use the processor, speech acquisition circuit and speech output circuit for speech recognition algorithm processing. The processor of speech recognition algorithm is mainly responsible for the algorithm processing, which is equivalent to the brain of robot; The voice acquisition circuit is responsible for collecting the external sound signal, which is equivalent to the ear of the robot; Speech output circuit is responsible for the output of speech sound, which is equivalent to the mouth of the robot.

The design of this paper is used in mobile robot, so it needs the functions of speech input, recognition processing and speech output. For the input of voice acquisition, this paper uses voice sensor microphone and peripheral circuit to achieve. For the voice output part, the power amplifier is used in combination with the speaker. The schematic diagram of the design voice part is shown in Figure 3.

  Circuit design of real time speech recognition system in home monitoring robot

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of voice input

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