With the rapid development of science and technology, housing intellectualization is a new revolution in human housing. Families in modern society are pursuing forever with the diversified information, safe, comfortable and convenient living environment and more relaxed, orderly and efficient modern lifestyle brought by family intellectualization as an ideal goal. At present, the intelligent industry has developed rapidly all over the world. In the near future, houses without intelligent home system will be as out of trend as houses without internet access today. Therefore, home intelligence will be the general trend. In this context, a set of convenient and stable smart home control device is essential.

In this paper, the implementation of smart home control device is deeply studied.

Working principle: the working principle of the device is divided into four parts: remote control module, master controller, slave controller and control circuit. The remote computer and mobile phone communicate with the main controller with Windows CE platform through Internet network and GPRS network respectively. The master controller and the slave controller are respectively connected with the Bluetooth module through the serial port and communicate through Bluetooth transmission. The slave controller is directly connected with the control circuit to control the household appliances through the control circuit. As shown in the figure, it is the design of the wireless transceiver module circuit of nrf0433.

Circuit design of gateway module of embedded smart home system

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