Mother Yong questioned that in today’s society, the living room is often one of the scenes with the closest contact with people at home, which also makes the so-called “living room economy” a “battleground” for many manufacturers. As the overlord of the living room, TV has been impacted by smart phones and tablet computers in recent years.

The emergence of smart TV makes the balance a little more balanced. However, with the sales of smart TV entering the bottleneck and various “advertising problems” of smart TV emerging one after another, people are not optimistic about the future of smart TV. At this time, the prosperity of home projectors makes people see a turn for the better.

In the past, there was nothing wrong with the concept of smart TV focusing on large screen, clarity and experience. In the era of consumption upgrading, the pursuit of quality and good experience is the main feature of consumers. Choosing home projector for viewing itself is the pursuit of the ultimate viewing experience. But after all, a 100 inch screen TV is still too expensive due to the panel cost. In contrast, the home projector can easily project a 100 inch large screen, bringing a large screen look and feel, but the price is only the price of a 55 inch smart TV.

With a projection ratio of 1.2:1, bay projection D1 can project a 100 inch large screen at a distance of only 2.6 meters. At the same time, it has a projection brightness of 750ansi (about 2200 lumen light source brightness), and can play 1080p Full HD video content at picture resolution. Excellent brightness and resolution performance have laid the foundation for excellent image quality. In addition, hdr10 technology decoding and 10bit color exceeding 1.07 billion colors bring gorgeous picture effect, restore the exquisite texture and details in light and shadow, and bring better picture performance. More relevant contents of dangbei projection D1 can be viewed by Baidu search “dangbei projection”.

It can be seen that even under the impact of mobile Internet, people’s demand for entering cinemas to watch movies has not weakened, so people’s pursuit of large screen is endless. Therefore, if you want to choose a display device in your new home, a home projector is believed to be a good choice. If you also need to take care of the elderly at home, you can have both.

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