The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is approaching. In order to implement the concept of “green, shared and open Olympics”, Chinasoft International actively participates in the Beidou Winter Olympics service project, and joins hands with the Sports Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Capital Institute of Physical Education and Beijing Enterprises Group, Xiwu Laser, Polaris Nebula, Beijing Institute of Technology, Hanlang Technology and many other units have pioneered the Beidou + Winter Olympics athlete training technology guarantee intelligent support system to help the digital and informatization construction of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics with scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and show it to the world The wisdom and strength of China’s “Together to the Future”.

Since the successful bid for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics (2022) Action Plan” has been in full swing, and key tasks have been vigorously advanced. In this context, as an industry-leading global software and information technology service company, Chinasoft International has joined hands with the Capital Institute of Physical Education and other units to create the first Beidou + Winter Olympics athlete training technology guarantee intelligent support system, including the Yanqing competition area display platform system and APP software, Among them, the first large screen in the display platform system of the competition area integrates the video of the skier’s motion capture and analysis system, the video of the snow sports environment guarantee decision-making subsystem and the video of the Xiwu wind speed radar subsystem, and the second largest screen is mainly used for the snow field staff. It is convenient for managers to grasp the dynamics of the staff in real time, prevent the accident of the staff in the snow field, and escort the safety of the Winter Olympics. The APP software uses Beidou 3D positioning technology combined with 3D map information to achieve high-precision positioning, fast service and accurate response.

Chinasoft International, Capital Institute of Physical Education, Beijing Enterprises Group, Xiwu Laser, Polaris, Beijing Institute of Technology, Hanlang Technology and many other units have pioneered the wearable positioning terminal with centimeter-level positioning accuracy of Beidou, which can output frequency in the skiing track at a speed of 130KM per hour. Reaching 50Hz, the accuracy of the Beidou single-positioning differential algorithm is optimized, giving full play to the high-precision technical advantages of Beidou and its national strategic role in the field of sports. Promote value. At the same time, the three parties jointly developed a “sensor network” system integrating Beidou’s precise space-time technology, using advanced “human-machine ring” sensing systems and intelligent devices, through sports big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology services, which not only supported the alpine ski team The preparations for the battle with the sledding team also ensured the safety monitoring of the event environment and staff, making science and technology sports a new carrier for the development of Beijing’s digital economy.

With strong professional technology and innovation ability, the Chinasoft International team has overcome difficulties all the way, and played a leading role in the process of multi-party cooperation, coordination and verification technology development; at the same time, in the face of the harsh on-site environment, the team members insisted on “struggle-based, achievement.” The core value of “customer”, to overcome one practical difficulty after another, to ensure the timely and high-quality delivery of the project, and to be highly recognized by partners and customers.

The Science and Technology Winter Olympics will undoubtedly become a milestone in the construction of smart sports in my country. Chinasoft International has always explored the ability to empower scientific and technological innovation in sports construction. Previously, Chinasoft International used its software industry Internet platform, Jiefanghao, as a breakthrough, and achieved strategic cooperation with National Sports Wisdom, a subsidiary of the General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China. The national fitness information service platform project was launched. As the only entrance of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration on the public platform of the State Council, it promoted the intelligent development of national fitness. The trial operation of the company has been carried out, and phased results have been achieved in the formulation of industry norms and standards, national industry training, and establishment of cooperation agreements. Focusing on the active health business, the normal application of the system in main scenarios such as training teams and fitness centers has been realized, which has established basic support for the later promotion and application and project implementation. In terms of national sports informatization and scientific and technological topics, the targeted optimization and independent deployment of the “Code Smart Escort” series of products of the General Administration of Sports has been completed, and the Ministry of Science and Technology has cooperated with the declaration of multiple projects and topics.

If sports are strong, China will be strong, and if national sports are prosperous, sports will be prosperous. Chinasoft International is willing to use its software service capabilities to help the “green, shared and open” Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics be successfully held; it will give full play to its own digital capabilities, focus on application scenario innovation, and explore more real efforts to empower the construction of smart sports It provides comprehensive scientific and technological support and assistance for the realization of the goal of a sports power and a healthy China.

Original title: Winning the Winter Olympics Technology Advances ChinaSoft International and Shoudi Institute and other units to create the first Beidou “black technology” to support scientific training

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