As a new generation of regional turboprop aircraft independently developed by China, Xinzhou 700 has attracted much attention since its establishment.

According to the latest news, Xinzhou 700 aircraft is expected to go offline in January 2020.

During the 2019 regional aviation and domestic regional aircraft development forum held recently, Dong Jianhong, chief designer of Xinzhou 700 aircraft, received an exclusive interview from civil aviation resources network. Dong Jianhong introduced that Xinzhou 700 is positioned to undertake the regional air transportation business of medium volume market within 800 kilometers, and can adapt to the complex flight environment and short-range frequent takeoff and landing in high-temperature areas on the plateau. “Xinzhou 700 is a propeller aircraft driven by turbine engine, which is different from the piston engine driven in the past. Its engine power can meet the needs of high-speed flight. It has extremely high efficiency in the range of 600-800 kilometers in medium and short range and at a suitable speed.”

In the interview, Dong Jianhong said that in the development process of Xinzhou 700, the core competitiveness was mainly built based on the breakthroughs of six key technologies.

Figure: Dong Jianhong, chief designer of Xinzhou 700 aircraft.

Newly designed wing

Dong Jianhong said that the Xinzhou 700 aircraft has high aerodynamic efficiency in the whole flight profile, which is mainly due to the newly designed high lift, high lift drag ratio and high aspect ratio wing. Through a large number of iterative designs and experimental verification, it has realized the unity of high lift and good stall characteristics, so that it can maintain good aerodynamic efficiency in the whole cruise range.

Unique structural design

Another important improvement of Xinzhou 700 aircraft is its unique structural design. The fuselage is equipped with six doors, including four passenger doors and two cargo doors. At the same time, Xinzhou 700 sets the main landing gear on both sides of the belly, which will not only greatly shorten the length of the landing gear strut and reduce the overall weight, but also greatly improve the forced landing performance of the aircraft.

Equipped with teletype control system for the first time

Dong Jianhong is equipped with a three-axis digital control system for the first time in the world. Equipped with Telex system can not only make the arrangement of control system more flexible and reduce the difficulty of cockpit control system, but also provide aircraft with richer control and protection functions.

New breakthroughs have been made in noise control

In order to meet the needs of the market and further improve ride comfort, noise control has also become the focus of technological breakthrough of Xinzhou 700. “Xinzhou 700 adopts six blade high-efficiency propeller, which reduces the peak value of pulsating pressure at the propeller tip. Some passive noise reduction measures are also set on the fuselage to effectively control the aircraft noise. The noise control index in Xinzhou 700 cabin is 83 dB.” Tung Chee Hung said, “our goal is to reach the same level as trunk aircraft.”

Low cost design technology

The competitiveness of Xinzhou 700 is also reflected in the price and operating cost. Compared with the regional aircraft driven by turbofan engine, when flying short haul routes, Xinzhou 700 can not only reduce the purchase cost, but also reduce the fuel cost by more than 30%. “In order to further reduce the design cost, manufacturing cost and use and maintenance cost of aircraft, we have carried out a series of design technology research.” “Taking the flap as an example, Xinzhou 700 adopts a simple single slit flap, which can not only meet the requirements of efficient aerodynamic characteristics, but also ensure the requirements of simple structure and low cost,” Dong Jianhong said

Advanced composite manufacturing technology

Dong Jianhong introduced that the main body of Xinzhou 700 aircraft adopts high-strength aluminum alloy structure, the tail is carbon fiber composite structure, and all other movable surfaces adopt composite structure, and the consumption of composite materials for the whole machine reaches 12%.

In addition, Dong Jianhong stressed that Xinzhou 700 adopts the latest version of airworthiness standards of civil aviation of China from design to research and development. The safety requirements of the latest version of airworthiness standards have been significantly improved, which has also become an important guarantee for the operation safety of Xinzhou 700 aircraft.

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