The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that China’s economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. It is in a key period of transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the growth power. We must adhere to quality first and benefit first, and take the supply side structural reform as the main line to promote the quality, efficiency and power reform of economic development. *** State Grid Corporation of China is a super large central backbone enterprise located in the lifeline of the country. It manages 4 trillion yuan of state-owned assets and serves more than 1.1 billion people. It undertakes important responsibilities in ensuring national energy security, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, expanding national comprehensive strength and serving the improvement of people’s livelihood. ***

Optimize the power grid pattern

Promote high-quality energy development

Promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption and building a low-carbon, clean, safe and efficient energy system is not only the essential requirement of high-quality energy development, but also the central work of supply side structural reform in the energy field. *** As for the power industry, it is necessary to vigorously develop hydropower, wind power and solar power generation, and intensively build several tens of millions of kilowatts of large-scale coal power bases focusing on power transmission. From the perspective of promoting the energy consumption revolution, we should accelerate the implementation of electric energy substitution, implement the deployment of clean heating in winter in the northern region determined by the Party Central Committee, increase the proportion of electric energy consumption and reduce the direct combustion of fossil energy on the energy consumption side.

The power grid is connected to energy production at one end and energy consumption at the other. It is the basic platform for energy development and utilization. The State Grid Corporation of China must actively adapt to the requirements of energy reform, optimize the power grid pattern, strengthen power grid interconnection, accelerate cross provincial and cross regional transmission, strive to improve the sending capacity and receiving capacity of the power grid at the sending end, give full play to the platform role of the power grid, serve energy structure adjustment and layout optimization, and accelerate the clean and low-carbon transformation of China’s energy. Efforts should be made to serve the high-quality development of clean energy. We will promote the construction of a development pattern of simultaneous development of centralized and distributed development of clean energy, and promote the proportion of China’s installed capacity of clean energy to exceed 40% by 2020, 55% by 2035 when the first phase of the “two-step” strategy is completed, and about 75% by the middle of this century, Ensure that the proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy will exceed 50% by 2050. Efforts should be made to promote the solution of the “three abandonments” problem. By strengthening the construction of export channels, accelerating the transformation of thermal power peak shaving, developing pumped storage, promoting the unified dispatching of the whole network, and improving the cross regional and cross provincial transaction mechanism, we will promote the optimal allocation of clean energy throughout the country, make great efforts to solve the problem of “three abandonments”, and ensure that the abandonment rate of wind and light will be controlled within 5% by 2020. We should focus on services to resolve coal and electricity overcapacity. Optimize the power grid planning and construction sequence, help the intensive construction and external transmission of large coal power bases, take measures such as cross provincial power mutual assistance and short-term power complementarity, strive to achieve the goal of controlling China’s coal power installed capacity within 1.1 billion kw by 2020, and ensure that the new power demand in the eastern and central regions is mainly supplied by clean energy from the western and northern regions.


Supplement the short board of power grid

Improve power supply quality

State Grid Corporation of China is a service-oriented enterprise. Realizing the high-quality development of power grid is an important premise for the company to better serve the economic and social development and the needs of people’s better life. In recent years, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has adhered to the development of power grid as the top priority, continuously increased the investment in power grid, accelerated the development of power grid at all levels, and built 18 UHV projects of “eight AC and ten DC”, with 988000 kilometers of 110 (66) kV and above transmission lines and 4.33 billion KVA transformation capacity, becoming the world’s strongest transmission capacity and the largest scale of new energy grid connection The super large power grid with the longest safe operation record provides safe and reliable power guarantee for economic and social development. However, it should also be noted that the development of power grid still faces some prominent problems and challenges: the security foundation of power grid is not firm, and the contradiction between strong direct and weak cross is prominent; The role of power grid in optimizing the allocation of resources is not fully played, and the lack of cross regional transmission capacity coexists with the idle channel capacity; The development of power grids in urban and rural areas is unbalanced, and the development of distribution networks and rural power grids in central and western regions lags behind. We should adhere to the concept of high-quality development, start from the weakest link of the current power grid, focus on key points, make up for weaknesses, remove bottlenecks, constantly enhance the service capacity of the company and continuously improve the service supply quality of the power grid.

We should constantly improve the power grid. Based on the reality of China’s “west to East power transmission” and “north to South power supply”, accelerate the construction of a strong smart grid with UHV as the backbone grid and coordinated development of power grids at all levels. We will strive to solve the current prominent structural contradiction of “strong direct and weak AC” in the power grid, actively coordinate and solve the problem of insufficient UHV supporting power supply, accelerate the construction of power supply connection project at the transmission end, and improve the utilization rate of existing UHV transmission channels. We should comprehensively improve the construction standards of distribution network. To meet the needs of a large number of access facilities such as electric vehicles, distributed energy, microgrid and energy storage devices, reasonably determine the equipment selection and technical standards, and accelerate the construction of a first-class modern distribution network with high reliability, interaction, friendliness and economic efficiency. Actively apply advanced technologies such as modern information communication, intelligent operation inspection, multi energy complementarity and intelligent measurement to comprehensively improve the intelligent level of power grid and enhance the flexibility, adaptability and interaction of distribution network operation. We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of rural power grids. Focusing on the strategy of serving the Rural Revitalization and winning the battle of accurately getting rid of poverty, we will do everything possible to increase investment in rural power grid construction, implement a new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading with high quality, strive to solve the problems of rural power “neck” and low voltage, and comprehensively improve the level of rural electrification. Give full play to the advantages of the group, deepen assistance from the East and the west, accelerate the construction and transformation of power grids in deep poverty-stricken areas such as “three districts and two prefectures” (Nujiang Prefecture in Yunnan is not in the company’s business area), promote the equalization of urban and rural power services, and help the people of the whole country move towards a well-off society.

Adhere to innovation driven

Seize the commanding height of development

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and energy revolution are integrated and booming. Strengthening independent innovation and accelerating the transformation from factor driven to innovation driven are not only the inevitable requirements of supply side structural reform, but also the distinctive characteristics of high-quality development. In recent years, the State Grid Corporation of China has vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening enterprises through science and technology, increased investment in R & D, strengthened major technological breakthrough, and achieved a number of major innovative achievements with independent intellectual property rights and world leading level in the fields of UHV, smart grid, new energy grid connection and large power grid operation control, so as to build a national scenery storage and transmission A number of major scientific and technological demonstration projects such as flexible DC transmission have won 69 national scientific and technological progress awards (including 2 special awards), 81000 patents (including 19000 invention patents) and 61 international standards. Facing the new era and new journey, we must aim at the world-class, adhere to the innovation drive, improve the innovation mechanism, enhance the innovation ability, promote all-round innovation in science and technology, business and service, break through the core technology, and strive to seize the commanding height of development.

We will vigorously boost innovation in science and technology. Adhere to the front line of energy and power science and technology, the front line of power grid production and operation, enterprise transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation. Guided by the implementation of the national “scientific and technological innovation 2030” smart grid major project, actively carry out major technological breakthroughs, strive to make new breakthroughs in key fields such as advanced power transmission and transformation, large-scale energy storage, grid friendly new energy, source network load storage interaction, intelligent control and new material application, and cultivate a number of major technological innovation achievements. We will further promote the construction of mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases, vigorously promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, strengthen the construction of mechanisms such as talent incentive and achievement transformation, and stimulate the innovation vitality of all employees. Vigorously cultivate emerging businesses. Grasp the integration trend of energy technology and information and communication technology, vigorously explore new businesses and fields such as electric vehicle services, e-commerce, chip manufacturing and comprehensive energy services with great value-added potential, strong profitability and good development prospects, and actively cultivate new growth momentum. Explore the electric vehicle service market, continue to increase investment in charging facilities, improve the functions of smart vehicle networking platform, and meet the needs of the rapid development of electric vehicles. Focus on e-commerce of materials, distributed power generation, energy-saving services, big data credit investigation and other businesses to improve the quality and level of e-commerce development. Focus on industrial parks and public buildings, and vigorously expand comprehensive energy service business. Vigorously innovate the service mode. Focusing on meeting the people’s needs for a better life, adhere to the people’s power industry for the people, actively innovate service methods, standardize service behavior, and strive to improve service quality and level. Establish a modern service concept, change the organization, optimize the business process, promote the construction of power supply service command platform and “all-round” township power supply stations, and constantly improve the modern power supply service system. Focus on service short board, customer pain points, use “Internet plus” technology and management tools, reform traditional customer service mode, continue to optimize the power business environment, and continuously enhance the world bank’s “power” index ranking.

Adhere to deepening reform

Stimulate high-quality development vitality

In recent years, the State Grid Corporation of China has resolutely implemented the central reform plan, strengthened top-level design, paid close attention to the implementation of tasks, and comprehensively promoted the reform of electric power and state-owned enterprises, showing a good trend of key breakthroughs and comprehensive promotion. Through reform, since 2016, the company has reduced the annual electricity charge burden of users in its business area by 221.7 billion yuan, of which the power grid link has borne 136.9 billion yuan, accounting for 62%, effectively releasing the reform dividend. However, we must be soberly aware that up to today, the rest of the reform is hard to chew, and the reform task will be more and more arduous. We must continue to hold high the banner of reform, pay close attention to the implementation of reform, and solidly deepen various reforms with greater efforts, more practical measures and a harder work style, so as to solve problems, stimulate vitality and release dividends.

Further promote power reform. Earnestly implement the spirit of Zhongfa No. 9 and its supporting documents, actively and steadily promote the pilot construction of incremental power distribution and spot market according to the reform idea of “controlling the middle and liberalizing both ends”, and strengthen the summary and evaluation of the pilot work. Cooperate with the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price, and strive for a reasonable electricity price mechanism for the sustainable development of power grid in accordance with the principle of “allowable cost plus reasonable income”. In accordance with the principle of “unified market and two-level operation”, accelerate the construction of a unified power market system, give play to the role of power trading institutions, and expand the scale and proportion of market-oriented transactions.

We will thoroughly implement the arrangements for the reform of state-owned enterprises. We will earnestly implement the “1 + n” policy requirements for the reform of state-owned enterprises, vigorously promote the innovation of systems and mechanisms, accelerate the construction of a modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, and strive to remove the institutional and institutional obstacles that restrict high-quality development. On the basis of promoting the reform of incremental distribution, emerging businesses and industrial units, actively study the ways and means of expanding the mixed reform of power grid, enhance the control and influence of state-owned capital, and realize the mutual promotion and common development of various ownership capital. Strictly implement the national requirements on stripping enterprises from their social functions and solving problems left over by history, comply with laws and regulations and deal with them by categories, do a good job in the separation and transfer of “three supplies and one industry” and the reform of medical training and convalescent institutions in a stable and orderly manner, and complete the reform tasks on schedule.

Promote enterprise internal reform. In accordance with the principles of intensive lean, combination of decentralization and management, and matching of rights and responsibilities, actively promote the internal management reform of the enterprise, reduce the management level, shorten the management chain, reasonably decentralize and authorize, improve the operation efficiency, and resolutely prevent the “big company disease”. We will continue to deepen the reform of the three systems, improve and improve the incentive and restraint mechanism, and gradually realize that managers can go up and down, employees can go in and out, and income can increase and decrease. In accordance with the principle that it is conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of cadres and employees, improving efficiency and benefits and long-term and healthy development of the enterprise, further optimize the internal distribution system of the company, truly realize more work and more contribution, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to start a business.

Deepening the supply side structural reform and promoting the high-quality development of the State Grid fundamentally depends on adhering to the party’s leadership and strengthening the party’s construction. The key is to create a team of high-quality professional cadres and workers. *** To meet the development needs of the company, strengthen the construction of various talent teams at all levels, carry forward the craftsman spirit of excellence, accelerate the construction of a loyal, clean and responsible cadre team and a professional talent team with excellent quality and strict discipline, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of the State Grid.

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