CLP Power Development Research Institute held a “microgrid series standard publicity and implementation meeting” in Beijing to publicize, implement and promote 11 group standards of China Power Council, such as the latest microgrid design specification, technical specification for low voltage microgrid grid connection interface device and Microgrid access system design specification. This indicates that China’s microgrid standardization system has entered the stage of full implementation.

China's microgrid standardization system has fully entered the implementation stage

In recent years, the grid connection of microgrid and distributed generation in China has developed rapidly all over the country. According to the latest released data, there are more than 100 micro grid normal projects planned, under construction and put into operation nationwide, covering social, public utility micro grid, campus micro grid, island micro grid, remote micro grid and other types. In the microgrid industry, the phenomenon of one project, one standard has seriously affected the healthy development of the industry. The microgrid urgently needs technical support and standardization. The construction of microgrid standardization system urgently needs the support of standardization at the national, and industrial levels. In order to promote the construction of microgrid standardization system, China Power Union has established the national microgrid and distributed generation grid connection Standardization Technical Committee (SCA / tc654), which is responsible for the construction of microgrid and distributed generation grid connection standard system, standard formulation, revision, standard implementation, and standardization work such as the technical Committee on power supply system (IEC / TCB) of the International Commission of electricity. At the same time, it has organized the special plan action for the grid connected microgrid of China Power Grid standard, and carried out a series of microgrid standard system, standard establishment and preparation. At present, 31 microgrid related standards have been established, including 9 national standards, 6 industrial standards and 16 group standards of China Power grid.

Li Bin, Secretary of the general Party branch and vice president of China Power Development Research Institute, said that entrusted by the national energy administration, China Power Development Research Institute carried out work related to microgrid development and policy research, went to the United States twice to participate in the “China US smart grid seminar” and carried out technical exchanges and discussions on renewable energy sources and Microgrid. Taking advantage of the technical and resource advantages of China Power Union in energy strategic planning research and big data analysis of the power industry, it has established strategic cooperation relations with scientific research institutions, universities and well-known enterprises, carried out research on Key Technologies of microgrid, and carried out comprehensive energy planning consultation, national demonstration project review and expert review of feasibility report of demonstration project. On the basis of extensive research, based on the problems and deficiencies of domestic microgrid in overall planning, unified standards, key technologies and business models, special research was carried out on key and difficult problems, the special achievements of “research and application of microgrid technical standards, management modes and policy mechanisms” were formed, and the Trial Measures for promoting the construction of grid connected microgrid were participated Preparation of and formulation of policies and measures.

The comprehensive promotion of the standard system will break the long-standing development bottleneck of microgrid and play a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the industry.

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