As a global custom design, high-performance projection capacitor technology (PCT ™ And MPCT ™) Zytronic, the leader of touch sensor products, exhibited a large curved interactive touch video wall at the exhibition, as well as the object recognition function and strength sensing technology for large touch screens for the first time in China. The on-site display of black technology and new technologies made the audience happy.

Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director of zytronic, said: “Zytronic is a leader in customized large-scale touch screen products. We are happy to show our new technology to Chinese customers through the C-TOUCH exhibition. The company is located in Newcastle, northeast England, and has been engaged in glass manufacturing for decades. It began to produce and develop touch screens 18 years ago. Its capacitor products are even earlier than apple. Zytronic is the only one in the world It is a touch screen manufacturer focusing only on the industrial field. “

In recent years, China has a growing demand for interactivity in public places. Therefore, zytronic has purposefully displayed a curved video wall composed of three 46 inch touch screens, thus forming a surround touch interface. In addition, zytronic will bring two new technologies to application developers: force or pressure sensing technology and object recognition technology.

China's first object recognition and touch screen strength sensing technology

With the increasing popularity of force or pressure sensing technology in handheld consumer devices, zytronic takes advantage of this technology to apply it to large touch screens in public places, which provides a very good innovation opportunity for self-service system developers, and object recognition technology can attract users’ participation. By applying this technology on large touch desktops, It can help developers create a better gradual and in-depth experience, especially for high-end retail applications.

At present, strength or pressure sensing technology has been applied to smartphones and tablets, and zytronic takes the lead in applying this technology to financial, retail, game, industrial and other commercial touch screen applications. Zytronic PCT ™ And MPCT ™ The strength sensing technology of the sensor can enable the developers of ATM, self-service terminal, game terminal and interactive video wall to distinguish between soft touch and hard touch operations. It is reported that zytronic’s force sensing technology is based on the measurement of the surface area of the touch area, and changes the capacitance signal level measured at the corresponding touch position of the sensor through the measured value. Therefore, it is not necessary to set a piezoelectric layer or other layer on the glass to measure the applied force or pressure.

In addition, the object recognition function developed by zytronic in cooperation with tangible display can now be used for touch desktops up to 85 inches, and the object recognition function without camera is realized on a large capacitive touch screen for the first time. Zytronic’s object recognition solution is based on pasting physical marks on objects without changing the hardware of the touch desktop. It is understood that the key advantage of the object recognition technology jointly developed by zytronic and tangible display is that it can ignore non-conductive objects such as pens, bags or clothes.

Finally, Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director of zytronic, added that zytronic is different from other touch screen manufacturers and only accepts orders from large customers. For small customers, the company team also has flexible solutions. In addition, zytronic can also make private customized products according to customer needs. He introduced that at present, the company has agents in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, and can respond quickly in terms of technology and sales resources. The company hopes to serve customers in Greater China with three highlights: unique technical resources, focus on industrialization and flexible customization.

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