As the FPGA (programmable logic) enterprise with the fastest development trend in the world, Guangdong Gaoyun semiconductor announced today that it has already signed a contract with Japan Marvin Co., Ltd. and has become its Japanese dealer to further help it expand its sales network around the world.

This signing is of milestone significance because it is the first time that China’s semiconductor enterprises have introduced integrated circuits into the Japanese sales market, and it is the first time that China’s FPGA products have entered the Japanese sales market.

China's domestic FPGA has entered the Japanese market and further expanded the sales network all over the world

Afterwards, Gaoyun semiconductor will release its Japanese website in August to apply to the Japanese sales market as soon as possible. It will also sign up with Marubeni Co., Ltd. to participate in the Japan Embedded System Technology Association atoit held in November to show its latest products and technical solutions.

Marubeni Co., Ltd. is a trading company listed in the first zone of Tokyo Stock Exchange, specializing in semiconductors, general electronic components and electronic equipment. It is committed to improving the top electronic equipment to promote the technological development of electronic information technology industry.

Just a few days ago, Gaoyun semiconductor also served as two leading distributors to enter Russia and the CIS to further expand the sales channels in Europe.

Guangdong Gaoyun Semiconductor Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in Foshan, Guangdong Province in January 2014, is one of the rare FPGA manufacturers in China. It is committed to developing and designing domestic FPGA solutions and promoting its industrial development, and is committed to publishing Chinese brand FPGA chips with key core independent intellectual property rights. Provide customers with the highest quality services for chip design and demonstration.

In January 2017, Gaoyun semiconductor delivered in large quantities for the first time. By the end of March 2019, the total sales volume exceeded 15 million FPGA chips.

At this stage, Gaoyun semiconductor has already achieved success and has entered many industries such as industrial production, vehicle, communication, household appliances, consumption and IOT. At present, more than 70 customers have realized mass production, and nearly 300 new projects are under development.


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