On August 27, China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Radio and television) announced that the “radio frequency technical requirements for medium and low band 5g system equipment” issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology had been officially implemented in July. The first batch of 5g full band terminals supporting 700MHz and 5g 700MHz base station equipment which have passed the approval test according to the technical requirements have completed the approval work.

The manufacturers that have obtained 5g equipment model approval certificate from the Ministry of industry and information technology include Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, vivo, Qualcomm and other manufacturers with large bandwidth of 700MHz band, 5g mobile phones, CPE terminals, industrial modules, etc. (4 base station models, 10 mobile phone models, 2 CPE terminal models, and 3 industrial module models). This means that the 700MHz industry chain is becoming mature.

700MHz industry chain gradually mature

For the first batch of 5g 700MHz equipment with model approval completed, the relevant terminal and system service capabilities cover the whole scene of individual user market and vertical industry user market. The terminal product positioning covers high, medium and low-end. The chips involve mainstream manufacturers such as Huawei Hisilicon, Qualcomm, and MediaTek. At the same time, under the continuous promotion of China Radio and television, a number of 5g 700MHz base stations and terminal equipment of China information technology, Nokia bell, Samsung and other manufacturers have completed the relevant approval tests and entered the approval process.

China's 5g 700MHz industrial chain has entered a mature stage

China Radio and television said that the smooth progress of the approval of 5g 700MHz equipment into the network marks the gradual maturity of China’s 5g 700MHz industrial chain, which is of great significance for accelerating the implementation of China’s 5g 700MHz network construction.

After the approval certificate was issued, the enterprises announced their own 5g 700MHz equipment research and test results. Huawei adopts the latest base station equipment supporting 700MHz band width of 2 × 30MHz, and has successfully passed the product model approval tests. While the 5g base station completes the model approval test, Huawei’s multiple 5g mobile phone terminals and CPE terminals are also the first batch to complete the 700MHz model approval; Ericsson will launch a new 700MHz band 4-transmitter-4-receive RF module in the second quarter of 2020, which fully meets the requirements of the formal implementation from July 1, 2020 According to the requirements of 5g 700MHz macro station RF technology, Ericsson passed the 700MHz equipment model approval test at the first time; Nokia bell 5g The 700MHz equipment has supported the 30MHz / 40MHz bandwidth, and has completed the test of the model approval certificate for the 30MHz bandwidth of the radio management committee. In Shanghai and Beijing, Nokia bell has completed the installation of 700MHz base stations, successfully connected the 700MHz vonr call in the laboratory in Shanghai, and plans to verify the vonr in the existing network after the 700MHz base stations in Shanghai and Beijing are opened.

Build and share together to enlarge 5g industry

With regard to the issuance of the license, Yang Guang, director of wireless network services of strategy analytics, said that all communication equipment must have a network access license before they can be sold and used in the Chinese market. Getting the approval to enter the network is equivalent to getting a license.

The 700MHz spectrum with up to 30MHz bandwidth is the unique low frequency spectrum with high quality and wide bandwidth in China. As early as March this year, the 700MHz 2 × 30MHz / 40MHz broadband technical solution formulated by China Radio and television was officially adopted as 5g international standard by 3GPP. With this as a strong starting point, China Radio and television will jointly with global industry partners to promote the industrialization process of China’s unique high-quality 700MHz spectrum resources.

The 700MHz band base station of China Radio and television will be jointly built and shared with China Mobile. The combination of strong and powerful will help to expand the 700MHz industry. China Radio and television said that it will fully implement the central government’s directive on the co construction and sharing of 5g network construction and accelerate the implementation. According to industry insiders, after completing the construction of 700MHz frequency band network, China Radio and television will comprehensively march into consumer business and enterprise business, among which consumer business will be the long-term accumulated advantages of China Radio and television. In the next stage of work, China Radio and television will build a new integrated 5g network to lead the transformation and upgrading of the radio and television industry by digging into the advantages of spectrum, media, network, home users and other three-dimensional resources, innovating the network construction mode and innovating the business development form.

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