With the gradual transfer of the global connector market to China, China has become the world’s largest connector market. With the rapid increase of product demand and the improvement of science and technology, the market demand for connector customization is increasing. Therefore, China’s connector market is not only the relationship between supply and demand, but the R & D center of connector technology.

In the past, the field of military connectors in China was mainly concentrated in the military field. Because of the particularity of the military connector field: small batch and high-end, it took the route of customization on demand, requiring connector manufacturers to have strong design ability, and there will be no production of several models of consumer electronic connectors for several years. Among the military customized connectors, high standard, large-scale, fast and accurate design is the core of application connectors.

Aerospace Electric said that unlike civil shelf products, military connectors have higher requirements for technical content and reliability, so military connectors are mostly customized products. Military connectors are mostly customized products, which are developed for different application environments, and require high R & D and technical capabilities of enterprises. In the past 20 years, the rapid development of China’s automobile, electronic products, communication and other products has driven the rapid development of the connector market. The development of electronic products is inseparable from technological innovation. More and more manufacturers demand customized connectors.

China will become an important base for R & D of customized connector technology

Driven by the rapid economic development, China’s connector industries such as automobile, communication, computer and consumer electronics have developed rapidly, so that China’s connector market has maintained rapid growth, the connector market scale is expanding day by day, and there are more and more customized needs. Many large factories even set up R & D centers in China, The production center of global connectors has also been transferred to China, which has become the largest connector production base in the world.

Jiang Ouxiang, marketing manager of scientific and technological products of Amphenol ICC group, said: “since there will be more customized products for connectors, most of the previous communication was in the United States, and now Chinese manufacturers also have many customization requirements. Jiang Ouxiang explained, “This includes Chinese enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises in China. Now China’s R & D centers are more and more involved in very high-level R & D. once they go to this high-level R & D, they will have a lot of customization needs. Therefore, we have technical support in China and in the United States.”

Recently, te connectivity (TE)’s contectintercontec connector grandly launched a new connector customized combination solution. This series of solutions can easily connect power, signal and data (or a combination of the three). The connector adopts modular design and is composed of simple single parts. It has high compatibility and is suitable for a variety of combinations.

For some specific needs, having a large inventory of parts is the primary condition for providing customized connector products, and engineering and technical support has become a solid backing to meet the requirements of providing millions of different combinations of connectors in a short time, and flexibly meet the personalized needs of customers by customizing rather than prefabricated connectors.

Mr. Xu Menglan of Beijie connector also said that Beijie’s unique design and production capacity provides customers with personalized connector and harness solutions, which can solve any interconnection problems for customers. Engineers and experts participate in the whole process from design to delivery and cooperate with customers to ensure that the whole set of interconnection solutions meet customers’ specific use requirements.

Beijie’s proprietary automatic chemical plants are all over the world, and have an inventory of parts worth more than 70 million US dollars. They can be assembled into 30 million different connectors, and more than 13 million bill of materials are recorded in the system. They can complete product assembly and delivery within two days, so as to achieve the flexible form of “one order, 48 hour delivery” and accurately meet the needs of customers, Customized service comes home.

From a macro point of view, the market’s customized requirements for connectors not only directly affect the attention and improvement of connector manufacturers on production technology, but also aggravate the competitiveness of the connector market. The survival of the fittest is the best. Connector manufacturers can move forward against the current in the competition by going hand in hand with R & D and production capacity. This has also become one of the factors testing the core competitiveness of connector enterprises.

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