At the recent “5g wisdom hall” activity, Xiao Yu, director of edge computing industry of China Unicom Group, delivered a speech with the theme of “5g new infrastructure, wisdom wins on the edge”. He said that 5g private network is becoming a new engine for digital transformation of the industry. China Unicom currently provides three 5g private network products, and has achieved many successful private network cases in vertical fields nationwide.

China Unicom's three 5g private network products aim to improve customer experience

According to the analysis, 62% of the new market opportunities for operators will be in the industry market. It is estimated that the industry market will form a revenue scale of more than 620 billion in 2026, of which transportation, intelligent manufacturing, energy, public safety, medical care, media and entertainment are the main application fields of 5g2b. For operators, opportunities and challenges coexist.

Xiao Yu analyzed that industry applications need to have differentiated, deterministic, independent and flexible exclusive networks, and different industry services have different requirements for bandwidth, delay, reliability, etc., which requires network capabilities such as differentiated SLA, deterministic experience, self-service, and rapid development and launch of new services. At present, operators are building “exclusive networks” to get through operational capabilities, to improve service quality, and to improve service quality Aggregate application ecology to meet the needs of the industry market.

According to the introduction, China Unicom currently provides three 5g private network products, including virtual private network (public network private, priority protection), hybrid private network (customized on demand, data isolation) and independent private network (exclusive resources, independent operation). These private network products have the characteristics of exclusive wireless resources, network customized on demand, human / material separation networking, customized development, open capacity, ultra-low delay, data transmission and so on Ten customized services, including local offload, data high security, professional maintenance and exclusive rights, are designed to enhance customer experience.

At the same time, China Unicom also launched 5g intelligent operation platform, customer self-service platform, 5g private network multi Park collaboration and 5g private network open ecology.

Among them, 5g intelligent operation platform not only realizes the integration of MEC / slice / 5G private network, but also realizes product integration, solution integration, it / CT integration and integrated operation; the front end of the platform is connected to BSS domain to realize real-time synchronization of account opening information, unified business acceptance and unified billing and clearing; the back end is connected to OSS domain to realize fine association with large network resources, business monitoring and fault handling Management and other collaborative operation and maintenance. Through the “pre-sale, in sale, after-sale” business closed-loop; its customer self-service platform, can provide customers with business monitoring, business configuration, operation management and other customized / specialized capabilities.

In addition, in terms of 5g private network multi Park collaboration, China Unicom’s 5g private network service has achieved seamless integration of “cloud edge industry”, which can achieve one point access, data isolation on demand, multi Park interconnection, cloud exclusive, etc. In the aspect of 5g private network ecology, China Unicom plans to build tens of thousands of MEC nodes, forming a national network, which can enable 5g thousands of lines of business; finally, China Unicom’s open platform for ecological partners can be used as an incubator for 5g innovative business.

Xiao Yu also shared the successful cases of China Unicom in 5g intelligent manufacturing network, 5g intelligent medical network and 5g intelligent mine network. Taking the 5g intelligent manufacturing private network jointly built by China Unicom and Zhuhai Gree as an example, in April this year, China Unicom, together with Gree and Huawei, built the first domestic private network based on MEC edge cloud + 5gsa slice in intelligent manufacturing field in Zhuhai. Through 5g private network, it realizes the physical isolation of enterprise business and public user business, ensures that enterprise data does not leave the park, and ensures the safety of production data. In this private network deployment, through the combination of wireless QoS and mec deployment, Gree has realized the exclusive and ready to use of bandwidth resources. The overall delay from 5g terminals in Gree park to the enterprise Intranet has been reduced from the original 20ms to 9ms, a full reduction of 55%, providing a differentiated deterministic network with higher speed and lower delay for enterprises.

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