Many places in China have ushered in continuous heavy rainfall, frequent floods and various early warnings, and the flood control situation is very serious. The staff of China Unicom have always been at the forefront. They rushed to the scene at the first time, fought day and night, and guarded the smooth communication and the safety of people’s lives and property with wisdom and strength.

Race against time, they are in front of all difficulties

Kayak charging, foot loading, wading, rope crossing the river… This is their posture of racing against time. Lifting equipment, pulling optical fibers, repairing optical cables, climbing base stations… This is their battlefield to escort the communication lifeline.

Shexian County, Huangshan City, Anhui province suffered the once-in-50-year flood disaster, the county was flooded, and the college entrance examination was postponed on the first day, which attracted national attention. At the same time, continuous heavy rainfall and torrential rain occurred in many places in Anhui. The sharp rise of water level caused damage to a large area of base stations, damage to optical cables and interruption of transmission lines. Local early warning continued and dangerous situations occurred frequently. On the day of the college entrance examination, China Unicom took immediate action to ensure smooth communication in the storm.

Despite the ferocious water and the destruction of some roads, China Unicom’s emergency repair team still rushed to the scene for emergency repair by taking a submachine boat for the first time. The water was waist deep and had to wade forward to race against the flood. In the dark and rain, it was urgent to use first-class lighting and rush to repair instruments. Five people carried hundreds of kilograms of optical cable trunk roads together, When hungry, they squat in the mud, eat lunch boxes and then work… The emergency repair team members are not afraid of hardship, rush ahead and fight day and night.

In Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, at 6:38 on July 1, the optical cables of Fujiawu copper mine and Baimao port, Huaqiao Xiyuan Community, Dexing City, were interrupted, four base stations were dropped, and the maintenance team of China Unicom rushed to the scene immediately. The surging Nanxi River flood broke the communication optical cable, and the breakpoint was located in the center of the river. The Party member commando of the network department pulled up the rope at both ends of the river and hung his body on the rope to carry out construction operations in the face of the turbulent flood at his feet. At 15:58, with the unremitting efforts of the party commando, the optical cable was opened, and the network performance index and base station communication returned to normal. On the mountain road that may slide at any time, in the storm and deep water, and on the Bank of the raging flood, they bravely move forward to find the network breakpoint, fuse the optical cable and connect the lifeline.

Similar pictures are staged all over the country. In Zhejiang, the continuous rainfall intensity is large, the range is wide, the mountain collapse and mud mountain flow impact occur frequently, the pole road, base station and signal are in urgent need frequently, the fault notification continues, and some repaired ones are broken again. In the case of continuous operation, the emergency repair personnel still clenched their teeth and insisted on the emergency repair again and again. In Hubei, six rounds of heavy rainfall have been experienced since entering Mei. The staff adhere to 24-hour patrol inspection, reasonable scheduling, hierarchical and classified organization of emergency repair, and cooperate with the local government to carry out the transfer and resettlement of the affected people and the supply of flood fighting materials.

In Guangxi, many sections of Rongshui County, Liuzhou city were flooded. China Unicom organized maintenance to generate electricity on site in the gathering machine room with power failure alarm, overcome the difficulty of road destruction, seconded kayaks, rented boats and other tools to transport diesel to ensure the continuous operation of the generator. After two days of unified dispatching and continuous operation, the communication service was finally restored. In Hunan, after a severe thunderstorm landed in Gaoping market town, Liuyang, the maintenance personnel picked up the equipment spare parts, went up the mountain in the rain for maintenance on foot, carried the equipment twice before and after, walked hard in the wind and rain, and finally all businesses returned to normal with everyone’s concerted efforts

According to statistics, since the flood season this year, China Unicom has invested 59637 disaster relief personnel, 23500 rescue vehicles, 5116 emergency equipment and 23233 emergency oil engines.

Science and technology help them actively innovate and comprehensively prevent flood

“The drone is ready to take off!” With the instructions issued by the flood control and drought relief headquarters in Changsha, Hunan, the three Unicom UAVs at the exercise site of Huangcai reservoir in Ningxiang are equipped with video, infrared, lidar, multispectral, throwing, shouting, lighting and other equipment, take off with monitoring and mission load modules, and shuttle flexibly above and around the reservoir. The UAV rises to an altitude of 100 meters to comprehensively observe the reservoir. The whole process can be recorded and photographed, adjust the flight direction at any time according to the rear instructions, and use the cloud video conference system to send the picture back to the command hall in real time.

This is the real-time flood control command platform of China Unicom’s “5g + UAV air space human integration” in the flood control drill of Changsha Huangcai reservoir. In the current flood control and emergency repair, the drill has entered the actual battle. China Unicom and Hunan Provincial Department of water resources jointly use 5g + UAVs to carry out flood control inspection. The Provincial Department of water resources carries out unified dispatching through China Unicom 5g + UAVs to carry out remote inspection, real-time information return and remote flood control command in the Yangtze River Basin and Dongting Lake flood area under the jurisdiction of Changsha, Yueyang and Yiyang.

From the drill to the actual combat, there is also the intelligent patrol system. In Guangxi, in the early morning of June 29, China Unicom’s intelligent patrol system found that the indicators of the North Sea RNC resource allocation main board card were abnormal. It was judged that the main board was faulty through the matching data. After receiving the notification information, the technicians switched the main and standby cards on site to effectively avoid business interruption. At the same time, we strengthened the pre inspection and pre repair of the network, inspected 2446 times the power supply, lightning protection and supporting facilities of various base stations, inspected 2452 times the hidden dangers of various network lines, inspected more than 20000 skin kilometers of optical cables, strengthened 384 communication poles and handled 1221 hidden dangers, laying a solid foundation for the safety and smoothness of the communication network in the main flood season.

5g network is also in danger. In Jiangxi, China Unicom has built a 5g network in the main urban areas of the province, which complements dozens of “smart river long” projects in Ganzhou and has become a “magic weapon” for flood control and disaster resistance. “5g + smart river head” combines emerging technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing and big data with flood control and water conservancy information system, and cooperates with the all-weather monitoring system in the basin, so that River heads and lake heads can not only directly grasp the water quality of rivers and lakes in charge, master “first-hand” information, give play to the role of “thousands of miles of eyes and ears of the wind”, and realize “palm water control”, Effectively improve the efficiency of flood fighting and the ability of flood control and disaster reduction.

There are many similar cases of scientific and technological flood control. For example, in Zhejiang, China Unicom is continuing to step up the construction of intelligent emergency communication command system to improve the defense capability and intelligent emergency repair capability of communication network in natural disasters such as typhoon and earthquake. In the face of natural disasters, correspondents use their wisdom to guard and protect the security wholeheartedly.

Plan ahead. They are ready in advance and on standby

As early as April this year, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, China Unicom Hubei Branch has officially started flood control communication support, established a flood control support leading group linked by multiple departments, solidly done all kinds of pre flood emergency support, revised and improved 134 flood control plans, organized and completed 31 on-site practical exercises, and established 127 flood control support teams with a total of 1153 people, We implemented and completed the remediation of 699 network hidden dangers, carried out 29 safety production training, and did a good job in the inventory and storage of flood materials and the pre inspection and pre repair of emergency equipment.

Zhejiang plum blossom is 13 days earlier than the perennial plum blossom. China Unicom Zhejiang Branch quickly completed the revision of the provincial emergency plan, carried out 55 targeted emergency communication drills such as flood control, fire control and rescue, and completed the general survey, update and update of the provincial emergency communication material reserve, so as to ensure that the current important flood control and typhoon prevention materials are in place and carry out various forms of flood control, fire control 55 emergency communication drills such as rescue.

These are several aspects of the implementation of the communication security emergency plan by the provincial branches of China Unicom. In 2019, based on its previous work experience, China Unicom revised the communication support emergency plan, organized emergency drills, carried out safety investigation, completed rectification before the flood season, adhered to the daily report system, timely started the emergency command platform system after the occurrence of sudden disasters, and started the 7 * 24-hour duty mechanism to ensure that the emergency repair support personnel rushed to the rescue site at the first time.

At present, it has entered a critical period of flood control. China Unicom will continue to pay close attention to the early warning situation in various places, make unified preparations for flood control and disaster relief, reserve emergency relief materials, comprehensively strengthen network monitoring and patrol, make full preparations for emergency support, and attack the front line of flood control at all times to escort communication Contribute wisdom and strength to safeguarding the safety of people’s lives and property.

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