China Unicom recently released a unified platform for China Unicom’s blockchain products and capabilities, “Unicom chain”, and announced the formal establishment of China Unicom (Hainan) Innovation Research Institute. Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, attended the press conference and Liang Baojun, deputy general manager, addressed the conference.

Liang Baojun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, delivered a speech for “Unicom chain”. He pointed out that in the field of blockchain, China Unicom attaches great importance to the important role of blockchain technology as a new infrastructure information infrastructure. Based on the communication network, Internet of things and digital intelligence endowment, China Unicom has taken the lead in formulating a series of international and domestic standards for blockchain. The number of patent applications is leading in the world. In the future, China Unicom will take the lead in “Unicom chain” ”In order to carry the platform, take the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation. At the same time, we will take the opportunity of signing the contract with “spark · chain network” and work with partners from all walks of life in the industry to promote the deep integration development of blockchain infrastructure and real economy.

Song Yulun, CTO and chief data scientist of Unicom big data Co., Ltd., introduced “Unicom chain” at the meeting. “Unicom chain” is a self-developed blockchain product of China Unicom, which effectively proposes credible blockchain solutions for the actual scenarios of different industries. Specifically, it is composed of “1” baas platform and “8” common service components, supporting the innovative application of “n” blockchain enabling, that is, to serve the digital transformation of government enterprise customers with “1 + 8 + n” blockchain capability system.

China Unicom publishing capacity unified bearing platform "Unicom chain"

Relying on China Unicom’s capability advantages in 5g, Internet, cloud, big, things, intelligence, security and other new generation information technology, as well as its deep insight into digital government, smart city, industrial Internet, medical health, culture and tourism, transportation and other fields, “Unicom chain” has the characteristics of independent and reliable, end network integration, cross cloud and cross chain, and open cooperation. At present, with “Unicom chain” as the carrier, China Unicom has built a series of benchmark cases, such as a provincial electronic license chain, provincial financial integrated service platform, smart culture and tourism one yard tour, to effectively provide integrated infrastructure services of cloud network chain for the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers.

At the meeting, China Unicom signed contracts with many customers and partners of Hebei provincial government affairs service office, Baidu, Huawei, Jiuqi software, Shudu technology and Zhigui technology to build an ecological environment in blockchain application, industry and technology.

In this ceremony, China Unicom (Hainan) Innovation Research Institute was inaugurated, marking the landing of China Unicom’s localized R & D institutions in Hainan. It is also one of the major measures for China Unicom to assist the construction of Hainan free trade port and implement the “smart Hainan overall plan (2020-2025)”.

Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom Group, unveiled the Innovation Research Institute of China Unicom (Hainan). Gan Quan, deputy general manager of Hainan Branch of China Unicom and President of Innovation Research Institute of China Unicom (Hainan), introduced that as a digital “think tank” of China Unicom serving Hainan free trade port, innovation research institute will focus on key areas of industrial Internet, give full play to technological innovation advantages of China Unicom, build ecological cooperation incubation platform, and help the construction of smart Hainan.

It is understood that the Institute has four innovation centers of consulting planning, solutions, product R & D and integrated operation, focusing on the three major fields of digital government, digital people’s livelihood and digital ecology, equipped with top-level planning, software R & D, new product testing and other professional teams, and built innovative applications around the key fields of smart Hainan and new infrastructure. At the same time, it has a number of joint laboratories such as offshore data center laboratory, blockchain innovation research laboratory, Internet of vision innovation research laboratory and satellite communication innovation research laboratory to explore the application and business model innovation of 5g, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other information technologies in Hainan’s advantageous industries such as cross-border trade, supply chain finance and digital currency settlement, so as to help the development of Hainan South China will build a national blockchain industry and an international data industry cluster. The Innovation Research Institute will actively respond to the “action plan for millions of talents entering Hainan”. It plans to introduce about 200 professionals in the information field and about 30 experts and backbone talents in three years, so as to provide professional talents and intellectual support for the construction of free trade port and “smart Hainan”.

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