In order to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, China Unicom held a large-scale online themed party day activity of “starting again on the road of digital transformation”. The activity commended the “two excellent and one first” models, and specially set up an online theme forum of “cultivating new opportunities, opening a new Bureau and comprehensively accelerating digital transformation”, which provided a vivid party lesson for all Party members. All members of the Party group of China Unicom Group and all Party members of the group headquarters, branches and subsidiaries in all provinces, regions, cities, prefectures and counties celebrated the theme party day through “video conference + online live broadcast”.

In his speech, Wang Xiaochu, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of China Unicom Group, pointed out that the group ceremoniously celebrated the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with the theme of “pioneer leading the tide and starting on the road of digital transformation”, aiming to commend the “two excellent and one first” models emerging in various fields of China Unicom’s reform and development over the past year and further mobilize all Party members, We will effectively unify our thinking and action with the major judgment and decision-making deployment of the CPC Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control and the economic situation, accelerate the comprehensive digital transformation, and comprehensively win the “double victory” of epidemic prevention and control and reform and development.

Wang Xiaochu demanded that every Party member, cadre and person of China Unicom should adhere to the leadership of political construction, ensure the resolute implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, effectively transform the party’s political advantages into enterprise governance efficiency, comprehensively promote the modernization of enterprise governance system and governance capacity, lead high-quality development with high-quality party construction, and contribute to the building of a well-off society in an all-round way We should make due contributions to the overall victory in the battle against poverty and the successful conclusion of the 13th five year plan. We should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, focus on the 12 character policy of “improving value, seeking development, focusing on foundation and passion”, strive to accelerate the three transformations of products, channels and innovation, strive to improve the three capabilities of network, it and enterprise governance, deeply promote the reform of mixed ownership, solidly promote comprehensive Internet operation, and create a new situation of high-quality development, Make greater contributions to the country’s “six stability” and “six guarantees”. We should cultivate new opportunities in the crisis, open a new situation in the changing situation, accelerate the comprehensive digital transformation, seize the expansion opportunities brought by market adjustments such as new industries, new products and new business models, policy opportunities brought by national support and development opportunities brought by the acceleration of new infrastructure, and make every effort to accelerate the comprehensive digital transformation, Promote the company’s high-quality development on the basis of meeting the needs of all sectors of society.

In the event, Guangdong Unicom, Shanghai Unicom, Henan Unicom, Tianjin Unicom, Beijing Unicom, Shanxi Unicom, Hebei Unicom Inner Mongolia Unicom has the themes of “the spring tide rises from the Pearl River”, “forging innovation capability, Shanghai’s common prosperity”, “online and offline Henan’s new machine”, “intelligent middle platform, hard core support”, “cloud network integration,” Beijing’s core layout “,” Jin’s perfect innovation dream “,” rationalizing mechanism and system, improving governance efficiency “and” optimizing resource allocation and strengthening internal and external coordination “, It shows that China Unicom thoroughly implements the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, adheres to the strategy of “focus, innovation and cooperation”, pays overall attention to epidemic prevention and control, reform and development, and starts the reform of government enterprise operation organization system, large market overall operation organization system, network line operation organization system and director system, Accelerate the innovative exploration and practical results of promoting the comprehensive digital transformation.

In order to discuss the topic of digital transformation from a more authoritative, professional and comprehensive perspective, this activity specially set up an online theme forum of “cultivating new opportunities, opening a new Bureau and comprehensively accelerating digital transformation”. Wu Suo Ning, vice president of China Communications Enterprise Association, and experts from the national development and Reform Commission, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Tsinghua University, China Unicom, Internet enterprises and government departments talked about “cloud”, carried out exchanges from different levels such as countries, industries and enterprises, and jointly discussed the relevant contents of comprehensively accelerating digital transformation in the new era.

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