On July 23, the 19th China Internet Conference was held online in the form of an online conference with the theme of “jointly welcoming the new era of network and creating a new future of industry”. Li Zhengmao, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled “new future of 5g and cloud integration enabling industry” at the online forum.

Li Zhengmao shared the new future development trend of 5g and cloud integration enabling industry from three aspects: 5g accelerating the transformation of the Internet industry, “5g + cloud integration” changing society, and China Telecom 5g + cloud integration practice enabling industry transformation and upgrading.

China Telecom Li Zhengmao analyzes the new future development trend of 5g and cloud network integration enabling industry

First, 5g leads Internet technology innovation and accelerates the reform of the Internet industry.

The focus of 5g era is “interconnection of all things”. 5g builds the core basic ability of interconnection of all things, which not only brings faster and better network communication, but also shoulders the historical mission of enabling all walks of life. Therefore, 5g has a great impact on the Internet.

First of all, from the perspective of the Internet industry as a whole, in the 5g era, the Internet industry will develop from consumer Internet to industrial Internet.

5g is a “Rainbow Bridge” connecting the transformation of the Internet and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the digital economy. Over the past 20 years, the prosperity and development of China’s Internet has mainly been the development of consumer Internet, represented by Internet enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and bytecode. However, the dividend of consumer Internet is gradually declining. The continuous development of information technology represented by 5g, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will promote the industrial Internet and industrial Internet to play a more important role in the future, so as to promote economic transformation and upgrading.

On the one hand, 5g presents the characteristics of high bandwidth and low delay. Networking of large-scale automation equipment becomes possible, and the speed of large-scale data storage and processing will be faster. The development of cloud technology will be further developed with the support of 5g.

On the other hand, driverless, VR and other technologies will make great technological progress. For Internet practitioners, with the progress of 5g technology, there will be more opportunities and create more demand in the future.

Secondly, from the perspective of Internet practitioners, 5g brings industrial interconnection, and everyone is a product manager. Practitioners should not only master Internet related knowledge, but also learn new industrial knowledge.

The core embodiment of 5g bringing new value to society is to promote the transformation from traditional 3C (i.e. computer, communication and consumer electronics) to new 3C.

The first “C” of the new 3C is connection. The eternal online brought by ubiquitous connection will provide a foundation for the intelligent development of all walks of life and the whole society, and the value of connection will be greatly highlighted;

The second “C” is control. 5g communication interaction will carry a variety of control information to realize industrial automation, remote surgery, remote construction, remote driving, etc. all things considered to belong to control in the past. Today, it may be an application of communication. Therefore, the rise of control brings a new value and a trend to communication;

The third “C” is convergence. 5g will have deep integration with vertical fields of all walks of life. This integration will give birth to many new businesses and new species, thus creating great value.

Second, 5g + cloud integration promotes the interconnection of all things and changes society.

First of all, 5g brings a better life.

5g supports ultra-high definition video, AR / VR and ultra-high precision positioning, which will promote the in-depth integration of ubiquitous intelligent infrastructure with 5g as the core with people’s entertainment, and gradually penetrate into all aspects of people’s life, improve users’ entertainment life experience and promote the leapfrog development of lifestyle.

Secondly, 5g enables high-quality development.

The characteristics of 5g with high bandwidth and low delay will promote the deep integration of ubiquitous intelligent infrastructure with 5g as the core and the real economy. 5g will gradually enter the production links of various industries, bring changes to resource allocation, product structure, production efficiency and even operation mode, accelerate digital transformation and help the high-quality development of production mode.

Finally, 5g promotes the modernization of social governance.

5g, combined with artificial intelligence technology, will promote the deep integration of ubiquitous intelligent infrastructure with 5g as the core and urban governance by means of UAV, HD camera and sensor. 5g will gradually penetrate into every cell of the city, including water, electricity, gas, roads, waterways and other aspects, and help greatly improve the level of urban governance.

5g will further activate cloud application scenarios of a large number of intelligent societies such as Internet of vehicles, intelligent factory and telemedicine. Relying on the deep integration of 5g technology and industry, the “heart” of cloud computing is promoting great changes in the development mode of various industries. The 5g era is the era of cloud and the integration of cloud and network. 5g accelerates the integration of cloud and network. Cloud and network integration gives 5g more connotation. The two coexist, complement and promote each other.

Third, China Telecom’s 5g + cloud network integration practice has enabled the transformation and upgrading of industries.

At present, the development of digital economy has entered the stage of cross-border integration, 5g development has been accelerating, and new industries, new formats and new models have been born. This year is the year of 5g commercial popularization and the period of vertical value improvement. For operators, the success of future industrial transition depends on whether they can grasp the leading role in the vertical value promotion period, and then continue to promote 5g industry to enter the ecological maturity period.

China Telecom is committed to improving the 5g integration capability and building a high-quality 5g network through joint efforts at cloud, optical network, AI, security, ICT, terminal and other levels.

China Telecom believes that cloud network integration includes four meanings: the network is the foundation, the cloud is the key, the network moves with the cloud, and the cloud network is one.

First of all, in the era of all things Zhilian, the network provides ubiquitous, high-speed and elastic guarantee for data and instruction exchange and collaboration between the cloud and the end, so the network is the foundation.

Secondly, cloud provides distributed resource pool for computing power, provides physical conditions for data storage, provides technical support and scenario encapsulation for big data application and artificial intelligence, and also provides basic bearing and development environment for cloud software applications. Therefore, cloud is the key.

Third, because the transmission network needs to flexibly adapt to the instantaneity, delay, distributed broadcasting, edge computing and cooperation of applications and data. If the cloud is separated from the network, the demand may not be guaranteed. Therefore, the network must follow the cloud, so that the network can adapt to the requirements of the cloud, be built on demand, be opened quickly, and be safe and reliable; In terms of business deployment and implementation, achieve flexible scheduling of cloud to network and cloud to cloud; In terms of operation and maintenance, establish an integrated cloud network operation system to achieve integrated operation and maintenance and consistent service guarantee, and finally realize the integration of cloud network.

Cloud network integration not only meets the transformation requirements of operators’ networks, but also can better provide comprehensive intelligent information services. Therefore, it must be the common evolution goal of global communication operators and an effort direction of Internet enterprises.

Li Zhengmao finally pointed out that 5g business just brought the Internet into the second half. The period of deepening consumer Internet and starting industrial Internet is also the period of big data and artificial intelligence in the ascendant. 5g is born at the right time and will develop new applications in the field of consumption and industry. When 5g starts again, there will be new formats that we can’t imagine now. 5g has started a new chapter in the development of the Internet and innovated the future of the Internet. As the leader of “new infrastructure”, 5g is the infrastructure in other “new infrastructure” fields such as artificial intelligence and big data center. As a central enterprise in the field of basic telecommunications, China Telecom will take 5g business as an opportunity to draw a beautiful blueprint for industrial transformation and upgrading with all walks of life.

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