China Telecom successfully held the cement industry 5g fully connected factory kick-off meeting and the national cement industry to promote technical solutions training meeting. More than 500 professionals from China Cement Association, China information and Communication Research Institute, Anhui conch group, Jinyu group, Huawei Company, rongzhiri new technology experts, as well as industrial line solution manager and marketing manager of China Telecom in 31 provinces and cities participated in the meeting online and offline.

China Telecom implements the strategy of "cloud to digital transfer" to create a new situation of 5g full connection development

This conference focused on the theme of 5g fully connected factory in cement industry, focusing on how to promote the implementation of “industrial Internet innovation and development action plan (2021-2023)” issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology of cement industry, how to solve the difficulties of process production, operation efficiency, core business and 5g application of cement enterprises, and how to build 5g exclusive network, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g intelligent factory, 5g Industrial Internet platform cuts into application scenarios, promotes practice cases, constructs good development ecology, etc., carries out in-depth exchanges, shares experiences, and makes suggestions for high-quality innovation and development of 5g fully connected factories and industries in cement industry.

In 2020, China’s cement output will reach 2.377 billion tons. The application of digital information technology in the cement industry is leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and the environmental protection and safety production standards will be further improved. In 2021, China’s 5g + industrial Internet will enter a period of rapid development. At present, the level of automation, intelligence and informatization of the cement industry is uneven. It is urgent to improve the level and efficiency of production and manufacturing, and achieve the goal of “adjusting the structure, reducing costs, making up for shortcomings and increasing benefits” of the cement industry.

In the past three years, China Telecom has been deeply engaged in the cement industry, and has made remarkable achievements in three directions: 5g exclusive network, 5g intelligent factory and industrial Internet platform. In 2020, we have achieved a series of projects such as China Resources Cement 5g intelligent factory, Jiangxi evergreen cement equipment management system, conch cement global industrial brain cloud network project, etc. In 2021, the 5g fully connected factory solution for cement industry meticulously built by China Telecom integrates 5g, cloud computing, industrial Internet, big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies to build a wireless network infrastructure with large bandwidth, low delay and large connection to meet the business development needs of cement industry; Integrated and innovative applications in intelligent control, intelligent application, unmanned driving, remote blasting and equipment operation and maintenance of 5g intelligent factory will promote high-quality development of cement industry.

China Telecom adheres to the strategy of “cloud to digital transformation” (digital transformation based on cloud network integration), and always takes customers as the center. At present, 5g construction has entered an accelerated period. It is the consensus of the industry that 5g can enable hundreds of lines and thousands of lines. At the same time, it also undertakes the mission of digital transformation of the industry. The second division of China Telecom Industry Division will take the opportunity of the start-up meeting of 5g fully connected factories in the cement industry, implement the strategy of “transforming cloud into digital transformation” according to the requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and gradually promote the penetration of 5g applications from peripheral auxiliary links to core production links in eight major industries, such as electric power, cement, military industry, medicine, tobacco, steel, electrical and chemical industry, Through its own atomic capabilities, it can provide deep integration technical solutions for subdivided industries, and accelerate the promotion of typical scenarios.

At the kick-off meeting of 5g fully connected cement plant of China Telecom, Lu Jinjun, President of the second division of industrial business division, made a mobilization speech. Cement industry experts have conducted technical scheme training from 5g exclusive network, 5g intelligent factory and industrial Internet platform. China Telecom will join hands with ecological partners in the cement industry to further improve the industrial efficiency and enterprise management efficiency of the cement industry, assist the high-quality development and digital transformation of the industry, and strive to create a new situation for the development of 5g fully connected factories in the cement industry.

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