With the continuous advancement of “new infrastructure”, the industry’s demand for digital transformation through 5g technology is more urgent. Due to the obvious differences in the information characteristics of different industries, and the different degree of information requirements of business scenarios between industries, 5g public network can not well meet the needs of high security and high stability of enterprises, so the construction of 5g private network has become the general trend.

For the rapid explosion of 5g private network demand, China Telecom believes that 5g private network service is not only a communication network, but also a comprehensive solution integrating network, cloud computing, edge computing and application platform.

Four 5g private network requirements of industry customers

At present, the industry has not formed a unified caliber for the construction mode and main body of 5g private network, which needs to be analyzed according to specific problems. Based on its rich practical experience of 5g private network innovation, China Telecom summarizes the industry customers’ demand for 5g private network into four points.

One is the demand of network capability customization and adaptation. Different industry differentiation scenarios require flexible network customization. For example, for tourism, education, venues and other industries that require high network stability, 5g private network is needed to provide better service channel than public customer network quality; For industrial manufacturing, port and other industries, 5g private network is needed to meet the needs of local business processing to ensure high security of business data, low delay and high stability of business processing; For high-end equipment manufacturing, military, mining, electric power and other industries with high data security and reliability requirements, 5g private network is needed to provide the highest security level of business and application support capability.

The second is the requirement of digital application for lower delay and higher stability. With the continuous development of Internet of things and other technologies and the continuous increase of data, more and more enterprises begin to focus on edge computing. Edge intelligent solutions can reduce latency, improve scalability, enhance the access to information, and make business development more agile.

China Telecom helps enterprises accelerate the pace of digital transformation and upgrading

The third is the need for industry applications to migrate to 5g new information infrastructure. Cloud edge collaborative solutions that give full play to the different advantages of cloud and edge have become the rigid needs of industry customers in the process of digital transformation.

Fourth, based on 5g new information infrastructure to build new industry digital application needs. Business application is the final embodiment of enterprise digital transformation. When promoting digital transformation, industry customers need not only 5g + cloud edge integrated information infrastructure services, but also a series of digital applications for the above information infrastructure.

Create five in one customized service

Based on the above analysis, China Telecom has proposed a solution of “network customization, edge intelligence, cloud collaboration, x-on-demand” integrated collaborative 5g private network, aiming at creating integrated integrated customized services for customers and achieving the goal of “cloud network integration, on-demand customization”.

Among them, “network customization” refers to the “slicing”, “edge” and “independent” three kinds of network solutions provided by China Telecom for industry customers’ differentiated needs such as 5g network coverage, security isolation level requirements and air port customization depth.

“Edge intelligence” means that China Telecom can provide customers with edge intelligence services deployed nearby on demand, and provide edge infrastructure of enterprise informatization, such as edge computing power, edge AI, edge SaaS applications, etc., whose data can not go out of local / park.

In order to meet the needs of customers’ application cloud migration, China Telecom puts forward the “cloud collaboration” solution, so as to dynamically provide customers with multi cloud flexible scheduling and unified management services such as edge cloud and public cloud collaboration, private cloud and Tianyi cloud collaboration, multi supplier public cloud collaboration, etc.

Finally, China Telecom provides customers with a wealth of industry-specific services and application libraries, supporting customers to choose on demand, flexible combination and one-stop ordering, namely “x on demand”.

Industry digital transformation is sweeping the world, all walks of life are constantly exploring its digital transformation path. 5g private network is an active response for China Telecom to adapt to the development trend of industry digitization and digital industrialization. In the future, China Telecom’s 5g private network will provide customers with five in one customized service of “network edge cloud use service” to fully meet customers’ needs for digital transformation, so as to actively respond to the call of the country to vigorously develop the digital economy and help enterprises speed up the pace of digital transformation and upgrading.

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