Since the eighteen Party’s Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the issue of practising economy and opposing waste, and has made important instructions. A few days ago, the general secretary of the CPC put forward clear requirements on Resolutely Curbing food and beverage waste and earnestly cultivating the habit of thrift. To extravagance and waste, carry forward the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on food waste control, oppose extravagance and waste, carry forward the fine style of hard work and thrift, and establish a sense of saving honor and wasting shame, we hereby send out a proposal to “strictly enforce the contract and oppose waste begin from me” to all employees of the group.

Food is the foundation of human survival and the foundation of economic and social development“ Who knows the dish of Chinese food, every grain is hard. “This familiar poem tells the hard won of a drop in one meter. China Telecom Group actively advocates all employees to carry forward the fine style and glorious tradition of diligence, thrift and hard work. It is not only an important way to save food and ensure national food security, but also an important measure to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and accelerate the promotion of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

The restaurant of China Telecom Group advocates a reasonable and healthy diet culture. On the basis of paying attention to diet balance, it strictly controls the purchase of food materials and the quality of food preparation and matching, accurately controls the quantity of each meal in combination with big data, reasonably matches dishes, establishes a mechanism for processing and utilizing surplus dishes, reduces batch waste, and effectively improves employees’ catering satisfaction. We encourage employees to take meals according to their needs, in small quantities and many times, and let people go. We firmly stop the waste of food and beverage, and earnestly cultivate the habit of saving, so as to form a good atmosphere of shameful waste and proud of saving. The group encourages all departments to carry forward the spirit of quickness, health and economy in business reception, meetings, training and other activities, and actively promote simple meals and standardized diet.

From today on, we should refuse the “leftover” banquet, carry out the “CD-ROM action” to the end, and make saving every grain a conscious action of every citizen; Take social responsibility, actively publicize the significance of diligence and thrift, urge relatives and friends to practice thrift, and stop waste behavior in time; Starting from themselves and families, we should cultivate civilized and healthy eating habits, pass on the traditional virtues and good family tradition of the Chinese nation of food saving from generation to generation, be the practitioners of food saving and food loving, and drive more people to join the ranks of civilization and thrift.

Let’s take immediate action, starting from me and now, and consciously practice a civilized, healthy, green and thrifty way of life, so that the values of “be diligent and thrifty” and “avoid extravagance and Thrift” can really be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and become a common practice.

China Telecom develops CD-ROM operation, RFID wisdom helps to save food


Recently, Shanghai has carried out the special work of “stop the waste of catering and cultivate the habit of saving”. The staff of China Telecom Shanghai company also consciously practice the “CD-ROM action” and resolutely curb the “waste on the tip of the tongue”.

The staff canteen of China Telecom Shanghai company uses “smart plates”. An ordinary melamine plate with an RFID chip at the bottom can not only complete the checkout instantaneously, but also analyze the most popular and unsalable dishes by means of big data, help the canteen prepare dishes accurately, reduce waste from the purchasing end, and reduce kitchen waste by two thirds.


China Telecom Guangxi company seriously promotes the concept of diligence and thrift, and launched the “CD action” initiative in the whole region. In the staff restaurants of each branch company, a variety of small bowls with good quality and low price are set up at the food taking window for employees to take according to their needs, so as to meet the needs of the staff’s meat and vegetable collocation and reduce food waste at the same time; Employees can order in advance through the smart ordering system, and pay by QR code scanning or “face brushing” on site, which greatly improves the efficiency of ordering. In addition, in order to make the concept of CD-ROM deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the restaurant put prompt slogans on the LED publicity screen, the dining table, the food window area and many other places, advocating employees to start from me and refuse the waste on the tip of the tongue.


Anhui company recently released the proposal of taking the lead in stopping food and beverage waste and cultivating the habit of thrift within the whole company, calling on the whole company to take action together, resolutely stop food and beverage waste and cultivate the habit of thrift, so as to contribute to the decisive fight against poverty, win the overall Xiaokang and realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Carry out the construction of smart canteen, take the smart plate system as the starting point, promote service improvement by horse racing competition and leverage incentive, and comprehensively improve the service level of canteen. To achieve rich dishes, on-demand, convenient settlement, real-time comments and other functions, to create a smart, healthy and delicious staff canteen. Effectively reduce waste and achieve accurate meal preparation.


In response to the proposal of thrifty dining, Beijing Daxing Branch Company actively signed the letter of commitment to refuse food waste on August 24, 2020, and actively implemented the CD-ROM action.

Beijing Tongzhou branch company advocates one table for each employee, CD-ROM action and civilized dining.


Since the transformation of Shandong company’s smart restaurant, changing the large dish into small dish not only increases the number of dishes available, achieves balanced nutrition, but also reduces the waste caused by using the large dish.

At the same time, through the big data analysis of canteen dish sales, when making the weekly menu, we can choose the dishes with the largest sales volume and ranking first, and eliminate the dishes that we don’t like; Adhere to the dishes innovation mechanism, combined with the feedback from the employee satisfaction survey, adjust the direction of innovation, improve the taste of dishes, and reduce waste from the source.

For the rest of the breakfast steamed buns, fried dough sticks, pancakes and other pasta and braised meat, fried chicken and other meat dishes to package take out, to avoid waste, convenient for employees; Encourage employees to pack leftovers, promote “CD action” and reduce kitchen waste.


“Please report your Chinese food. The lunch menu includes beans and eggplant, fried dried meat, fried sweet potato top and spareribs soup.” At about 10:00 on August 19, in the “Xiaochang Telecom canteen exchange group”, members of the group received an offer for lunch in the company’s canteen, which is a silhouette of the “ordering forecast system” of the canteen of Xiaochang County branch of China Telecom to prevent “waste on the tip of the tongue”.

In order to prevent “waste on the tip of the tongue”, Xiaochang branch’s canteen adopts the order forecast system. In the wechat group of “Xiaochang branch’s canteen communication group”, before 10:00 every night and 10:00 in the morning, the breakfast varieties of the next day and the Chinese dishes of the day are announced respectively. The order stir fry is implemented for the dinner. The staff report the meal appointment in the group, and the Discipline Inspection Department of the company orders those who fail to make the payment, The chef in the canteen lays down rice and cooks dishes according to the principle of “one bowl of rice, four bowls of rice and one pot of vegetables for 20 people”. The accurate control avoids the “one size fits all” of the common meal system.


Chongqing Company of China Telecom responded positively and carried forward “CD Action says no to waste” in canteens. By putting up posters, hanging banners, playing electronic screens and other forms, we strive to create a strong atmosphere of “saving glory, wasting shame”. Remind employees to be thrifty and put an end to catering waste.

All canteens are designated as the first responsible person to stop food and beverage waste, strengthen the education of canteen staff training, enhance the awareness of strict economy and anti waste, and eliminate food and beverage waste from the source while ensuring that the staff eat well.


In order to avoid food waste, Hebei company called on its employees to sign the letter of commitment to refuse food waste.

At the same time, put slogans advocating waste reduction in the canteen, and employees actively participate in the activities to save food.

The menu will be announced in advance on the electronic screen of the canteen to ensure that the staff can choose the dishes. Reduce the waste caused by taste.


Through the innovation of operation mechanism, the smart canteen of Sichuan company constantly meets the personalized needs of employees, creates an atmosphere for employees to share delicious food, and makes the canteen a food place with balanced nutrition, color and fragrance.

Sichuan company makes continuous efforts to build a smart canteen with advanced concept and technology from the inside out. At the same time, the company innovates to carry out the staff canteen cooking competition and Food Exchange Week activities, which will bring the staff a feast with “color, fragrance” and further enhance the cohesion of the staff and help the company develop with high quality.


In the dining room of Jiangxi telecom company, there are two electronic screens. The reporter saw that the number of people entering the dining room is displayed on each electronic screen in real time. This data is connected with the kitchen in real time, so that the kitchen can master the dining situation of the dining room. At the same time, each dining plate in the canteen is equipped with a chip. As long as the dining personnel put the dining plate with food on the electronic screen, the electronic screen will read the data automatically through the chip, and the amount of payment will be displayed immediately. The dining personnel can pay with their mobile phone or unit access card.

In addition, Jiangxi telecom company has developed a dining app, through which employees can not only purchase steamed buns, steamed buns and rolls in the canteen, but also count the number of employees who have meals in advance. ” Through app statistics, the canteen can provide meals accurately.

There are about 400 employees in the canteen having breakfast, 600 for Chinese food and 100 for dinner. In order to put the enterprise culture of thrift and cherishing food into practice, the company pays attention to the simple, simple and tidy decoration of the canteen, so as to make the employees feel at home in the dining environment. At the same time, through the rolling screen, slogans and so on, create a strong atmosphere of “practicing strict economy and opposing waste” everywhere. In order to help employees find a sense of belonging during meals, the canteen will make birthday cakes and birthday meals, which will be given to employees who celebrate their birthdays for free.


In order to be thrifty, Hainan Company launched CD-ROM campaign theme publicity everywhere, advocated CD-ROM campaign and refused leftovers.


Yangjiang branch of China Telecom actively responded to the group’s call and launched the theme publicity of “CD action”.

Guangdong Enping branch actively improves the safety and health management level of canteen and the quality of catering service. Ensuring safety and skillful collocation open a new door for food saving and healthy life of employees.

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