On December 21, the F5G “true Gigabit” all-optical room industry ecology conference with the theme of “all-optical room, smart home” was successfully held in Guangzhou. This conference gathered experts and leaders from the communication industry and the real estate industry to discuss the ecology, industry and standards of F5G (fixed 5th generation network) Gigabit all-optical room, and jointly build the industry All optical, green and intelligent home is really a high quality experience. At the meeting, Ms. Zhou Peiyu, business director of innovation Department of Guangzhou Branch of China Telecom, made a keynote speech entitled “enjoy three trillion of wisdom, new experience of quality”.

China Telecom creates high quality home experience to meet users' extreme experience needs

Zhou Peiyu introduced the home economy to drive the upgrading of family digital consumption space, and comprehensively analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the emerging business needs such as whole house intelligence and the current problems of home network. And share the successful experience of Guangzhou Telecom in building Gigabit broadband, Gigabit Wi Fi and whole house intelligent business with diversified ecological collaboration of partners through network upgrading, rich content and service upgrading.

Since August last year, Guangzhou Telecom has cooperated with Huawei to create FTTR (fiber to room) all-optical networking service. In the medium and large-scale apartment and villa scenarios, based on Huawei’s FTTR Gigabit all-optical room scheme, it deploys fiber to each room, and realizes Gigabit Wi Fi whole house coverage through Huawei Xingguang smart optical cat supporting wi-fi6, making real Gigabit experience everywhere. In June 2020, the upgrading of high-quality broadband with the combination of wired and wireless will be realized; in September, Zhixiang 3000 MB, FTTR all-optical networking package will be launched, and the pilot project will be carried out in Tianhe District, focusing on large households with three rooms and above; in October, online booking and FTTR promotion will be opened. At present, more than 100 users have registered online booking, and nearly 50 users have been successfully delivered The actual upgrade needs of the system. In addition, in the all-optical market, Guangzhou Telecom has also carried out active cooperation with real estate companies and decoration platforms, integrating FTTR into our house prices and decoration expenses, so as to meet the growing demand of users for ultimate experience.

Zhou Peiyu said: in terms of whole house intelligence, Guangzhou Telecom will provide home dict solutions through new business, terminal and service ecology, including building network access system, home data center, intelligent security system, home appliance control system, AI interactive system and light management system. In terms of business cooperation mode, Guangzhou Telecom will continue to carry out diversified ecological collaboration with its partners to achieve win-win cooperation.

1. We hope to cooperate with more real estate companies to build intelligent model rooms, sell intelligent kits, transfer profits from telecommunications, subsidize broadband, share profits, and promote the transaction of real estate in a good and fast way.

2. Cooperate with the government, street and property management company, and make joint contribution to build smart community and intelligent property management with our residents.

3. Cooperate with front and back decoration companies to integrate FTTR all-optical room and all house intelligent customized package and standard suite into traditional home decoration service, and provide customers with one-stop home decoration service.

4. Cooperate with the shopping malls in the head, enter the commercial complex with the brand image of whole house intelligence, and expand the brand awareness and sports power.

In the future, Guangzhou Telecom will build a five smart system of smart home, including smart broadband, smart home platform, smart applications, smart security and smart services. With home WiFi as the third network, it will build the third level growth engine. At the same time, it will continue to make efforts in the four development directions of smart home in the future, and cooperate with the government, Huawei Company, street, real estate developers, property management, front and back market All partners work together to promote the vigorous development of FTTR all-optical room and create a larger industrial space.

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