In the past year, the 5g industry in China has stepped onto a new stage. At present, with the continuous expansion of 5g industry applications and the acceleration of industry collaboration, how will 5g change people’s production and life, and how can it enable digital transformation? At the 2020 “light of the Internet” Expo, which opened on November 22, China Telecom appeared in the exhibition with the theme of “cloud to digital transformation, Huizhi future”. Through the four exhibition areas of accelerating new infrastructure construction, releasing new kinetic energy, lighting new engine, and marching towards a new future, it demonstrated China Telecom’s practice of “cloud to digital transformation” by using physical scene, virtual reality, dynamic reality, 5g live broadcast and other forms Some important achievements have been made.

Accelerate new infrastructure and build leading cloud network integration capability

New infrastructure is the cornerstone of the development of digital economy, which is of great significance to the high-quality development of social economy.

At the Expo, China Telecom showed four major achievements in implementing the strategy of “transforming cloud to digital”, including 5gsa taking the lead in large-scale commercial use, publishing the white paper on cloud network integration, launching the cloud terminal plan, and carrying out the action plan of scientific and technological innovation, comprehensively demonstrating the core capabilities and fine layout of cloud network integration. In the aspect of “network”, we have been deeply engaged in the construction of 5g, optical network, Internet of things and other new infrastructures. We have opened more than 350000 5g base stations in total, covering 345 cities, providing network infrastructure support for Internet of things. In terms of “cloud”, it has more than 300 cloud resource pools, nearly 60000 machine buildings and integrated access resources, more than 600 IDC centers and more than 380000 racks, ranking first in the world in terms of cloud market share of operators, first in terms of hybrid cloud market and first in terms of trusted cloud product certification.

In addition, the audience can learn about the strength of China Telecom as a “national team” of network information security through such exhibitions as intelligent cloud escort, quantum communication and cloud dike system. At present, it has provided malicious attack interception and protection services for more than 6000 customers and provided protection for major activities such as the National Day parade.

China Telecom builds leading cloud network integration capability, strides into a new future and opens a warm and intelligent life

Release new kinetic energy, 5g helps industrial intelligent transformation and upgrading

5g not only promotes the reform of mobile communications, but also adds “digital wings” to the transformation and upgrading of social governance, agricultural production, industrial Internet and other industries.

With one big screen and one picture, the information of landscape lights, smoke, garbage cans and parking spaces on the IOT demonstration block of wisdom Wuzhen town is presented to the managers one by one, and the IOT management and control network covering “water, land and air” makes the operation of the scenic spot more efficient; “5g agricultural brain” with paddy field robot, and the wisdom “cloud shed” of Fengqi tea house collect and analyze the crop growth data in real time to realize the goal of “water, land and air” Intelligent planting, intelligent pest control and intelligent weeding make it possible for large-scale agricultural ecological planting At the exhibition stand, China Telecom demonstrated to the audience its fruitful achievements in exploring 5g to help the transformation and upgrading of the industry through specific 5g application cases such as Wenzhou City brain, smart Wuzhen IOT perception platform and West Lake digital cockpit.

How to break through the bottleneck of intelligent manufacturing? 5g or key clues. At the exhibition stand, the audience can see that China Telecom, together with eight enterprises, has won the bid for the 5g innovation and development project of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s Republic of China, and actively explores the application of 5g + industrial Internet scene that can be promoted on a large scale. These include the 5g + machine vision application built by China Telecom and Wuzhen Tongkun group to improve the detection rate of product defects and reduce the inspection pressure of workers, and the “5g + flexible workshop” jointly built by China Telecom and Zhaofeng Electromechanical.

Ignite the new engine, 5g promotes the vigorous development of digital economy

The “chemical reaction” produced by the deep integration of 5g and various industries is becoming a strong engine to promote the development of digital economy. From 5g + smart Park, 5g + transportation logistics to 5g + new business, China Telecom shows the audience the efficiency change brought by 5g scale business through actual cases.

Taking 5g + transportation logistics as an example, China Telecom provides intelligent, efficient and all-round information services for the industry around the two major industries of transportation and logistics, as well as five sub sectors of highway, aviation, water transportation, logistics express and logistics park. At the Expo, the large screen showed the solution of the logistics park built by China Telecom for Zhejiang ChuanHua highway port. The solution monitored and managed the flow of people and vehicles in the park in real time through AI camera, and displayed the real-time alarm of illegal parking, congestion and blacklist in the park. Through big data, the real-time statistics of transit, loading and unloading, and distribution were made to improve the overall efficiency of the park Rate.

There is also 5g + new business, which is a smart business cloud XR digital twin platform built by China Telecom based on 5g + MEC technology. It can provide 5g digital business scene and immersive experience integration new services for the entity business and consumers, help the entity business passenger flow to warm up, and promote the upgrading of new consumption. At present, the platform has been officially launched in Wuyue Plaza, Tongxiang.

Towards a new future, 5g opens a smart life with temperature

5g hard core technology not only promotes the era, but also speeds up the pace of entering the public, opening a warm and intelligent life.

On the exhibition stand, a series of novel and cool smart home applications, such as Gigabit broadband, intelligent networking and winglet housekeeper, show the audience the gratifying achievements of China Telecom in building 5g + smart home by means of close touch experience. The demonstration of the world’s first 5g remote orthopedic surgery, remote consultation, smart medical community platform and other cases fully highlights the effectiveness of 5g + smart medicine in allowing more people to share high-quality medical resources. In addition, there are ar teaching applications for the audience to experience. Through the future classroom of smart education, it shows the efforts made by China Telecom to keep up with the policy guidance of the national education power and promote the construction of education informatization.

It is worth noting that the booth has also set up a “smart Asian Games” exhibition item to present the specific achievements of China Telecom in boosting the construction of “smart Asian Games”. According to reports, the intelligent command, intelligent life, intelligent venues and AI + Ar multi scene applications created by China Telecom have been selected as the “best solution” for the intelligent Asian Games.

5g, artificial intelligence, AI, AR / VR and other new industries of digital economy, as well as “black technology” products and applications, have opened up people’s imagination for the future. From Wuzhen water town to you and me, a more advanced, smarter and more convenient digital life blueprint is slowly unfolding.

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