China Southern Power Grid, together with China Mobile and Huawei, completed the first 5g based in China in Bantian, Shenzhen   Field test of intelligent distributed distribution network differential protection service of NSA network. This test is the first stage field test of 5g smart grid application. By building a real and complex actual network environment, it is successfully verified that under the single base station scenario, the average end-to-end delay between distribution network DTU terminals is less than 10ms, and the time service accuracy of 5g network air interface is less than 300ns, which can meet the millisecond low delay communication of power grid control services such as intelligent distributed distribution network differential protection High precision time service and other requirements.


In addition, based on the functional characteristics of the developed slice manager of the core network segment and transmission network segment, this test also preliminarily verifies the degree of interaction between different slices and the service QoS guarantee mechanism when 5g network slices carry different security partition services of the power grid, which can meet the security isolation requirements of power services.

Relying on this field test, the feasibility of 5g carrying power grid control business and the basic function of 5g network slice management are preliminarily verified. In the future, the three parties will continue to carry out the second stage of cross base station scale field test based on 5g SA network, actively pilot 5g to serve various typical business scenarios of power grid such as metering automation, emergency communication and distributed energy regulation, help to comprehensively improve the intelligent level of power grid, and lay a strong communication foundation support platform for the development of smart grid of the company.

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