Under the overall situation of overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, China Southern Power Grid Corporation (CSG) adheres to the new development concept of new business and financial business, strives to seize development opportunities, actively integrates into the national regional coordinated development strategy, optimizes business layout, builds industrial platform, cultivates business model and creates profit price around the overall situation of promoting epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development To overcome the impact of the epidemic situation, and to strengthen the development goal.

In the first half of the year, the company’s new business and financial business production and operation were stable and orderly, and the benefit increased rapidly year on year. Among them, the operating income of emerging business increased by 25.99% year-on-year, the total profit increased by 48.07%; the operating income of financial business increased by 11.6%, and the total profit increased by 17.58%.

China Southern Power Grid has actively integrated into the national regional coordinated development strategy to accelerate the transformation and development of emerging businesses

Network and provincial emerging services go hand in hand

“At present, the company’s charging infrastructure in five southern provinces (regions) market share of 17%, ranking first.” Relevant personnel of the company’s emerging business department said that the company actively grasped the opportunity of “new infrastructure” and accelerated the development of electric vehicle charging service business. At present, the provincial charging infrastructure investment and construction plan (2020-2023) has been formulated and fully implemented. 48000 charging piles, 130000 interconnection charging piles and 495000 registered users of Shunyi charging service platform have been put into operation. In order to strengthen the cooperation of network and province business, the company has set up electric vehicle operation companies in five southern provinces (regions) to clarify the functional orientation and coordination rules of business entities. Next, it will accelerate the marketization and entity operation of the operating companies. Under the background of “new infrastructure”, the company has also vigorously expanded the energy storage business at the power supply side and the user side, accelerated the IDC business layout and the application of 5g in various scenarios in the power industry. The pilot projects were orderly promoted, and the emerging business ushered in new opportunities for development.

The Internet gives birth to a new service model. In the first half of the year, the company seized the opportunity of industrial digitization, accelerated the development of Internet service business, launched the enterprise zone of South China network mall, and launched a trial operation of the business travel service platform to provide users with one-stop travel service.

There are many science and technology projects in China Southern Power Grid Corporation. How to transform the project achievements into application value? Finally, we will build a platform for technology transformation and operation, and build a platform for technology transformation and operation.

In order to better promote the development of emerging business, the company also accelerates the integration of comprehensive energy business, clarifies the business interface and main business scope of relevant units, promotes the construction of Digital Power Grid Technology Industrial Park, enlivens stock assets resources, and actively expands network communication, optical fiber man and other businesses.

“While the development of network level emerging services is accelerating, the provincial and regional emerging services are also steadily advancing.” According to relevant personnel of the company’s emerging business department, at present, the emerging business of provincial power grid companies has been promoted well. Among them, Guangdong power grid company focuses on expanding customer asset maintenance business, and the cumulative number of signed special transformer customers increases rapidly; Guangxi electric vehicle service company becomes an autonomous region level vehicle pile network integrated electric vehicle charging service unit; Yunnan power grid company builds a province With the coordinated Market-oriented Power Sales layout, the market-oriented electricity sales and retail customers ranked first in Yunnan Province and the whole grid system for three consecutive years; Guizhou power grid company has built and put into operation the largest centralized charging and exchange power station in Southwest China; Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has actively carried out the commercial application of power big data to broaden the power marketing service boundary.

Deepen the integration of industry and finance and explore the win-win situation of sharing

In terms of financial business, the company takes projects as the carrier, deepens the combination of industry and finance, and makes new breakthroughs in related businesses. In the first half of the year, the company made good use of the fund, which is a “sharp weapon” to help the industrial development, carried out the establishment of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area energy technology innovation fund and the transformation and upgrading industry fund, studied and established the equity incentive fund, which made important progress in fund-raising, effectively broadened the new path of the combination of industry and finance. In order to further promote the integration of industry and finance, the company studies and uses funds to support investment in comprehensive energy, electric vehicles, IDC, etc., and vigorously promotes the development of emerging businesses. It is worth noting that in the first half of the year, the company promoted the bidding guarantee insurance and pilot procurement contract quality assurance insurance, and expanded the proportion of insurance guarantee to replace the deposit, and the ability of financial business to serve the upstream and downstream of the power industry chain was continuously improved.

The epidemic situation has a great and far-reaching impact on the society and all walks of life. China Southern Power Grid Corporation (CSG) has actively implemented its social responsibility, benefiting 408 small and medium-sized enterprises and 495 individual industrial and commercial households by reducing or deferring the rent of operating houses for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses. The charging service fee of electric vehicle charging pile will be reduced by half, and the profit will be offered to help the common war. At the same time, the company played the role of social stabilizer and economic booster of insurance. By extending the insurance period free of charge and innovating the insurance service content, the company reduced the premium of more than 300 enterprises which were affected by the epidemic and helped more than 100 enterprises to resume work and production.

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