In the field of military equipment export, China has experienced a transformation process from low technology content to high technology content. During the cold war, we mainly exported weapons similar to type 59 main battle tank and type 63 107mm rocket gun to the third world countries. These weapons are simple in structure and durable in skin. So far, some of them still exist in the Middle East battlefield.

Since the plz-45 self-propelled gun was first sold to Kuwait in the late 1990s, this painting style no longer exists. Next, a large number of radars, UAVs, even frigates, main battle tanks and submarines are purchased by some countries with relatively low defense pressure. Moreover, these equipment are not cheap, especially weapons like rainbow 4 UAV and vt-4 main battle tank. The unit price of the latter is as high as 5.8 million US dollars.

The most representative foreign trade weapon of China’s science and technology level is UAV. The “Rainbow 4” UAV developed by the 11th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group has been exported to many Asian and African countries and has played an important role in a series of anti-terrorism wars in the Middle East. Some users even call it an “aerial bomb truck.”.

Since the first appearance of the “peace mission” exercise in 2014, the exposure rate of this UAV has been quite high. After a large number of UAVs are installed and exported in China, now China has begun to civilize it.

Just recently, the lh-07 rainbow 4 fixed wing UAV marked with “national emergency mapping” completed a two-hour flight test at an altitude of 5km, and then landed at Fenghua airport in Lanping, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The flight test is to prepare for the UAV’s massive investment in the national emergency surveying and mapping support project. It can complete real-time data transmission with advanced sensors and avionics, and play an important role in dealing with emergencies in the future, such as forest fires, landslides and debris flows.

China Rainbow 4 UAV plays an important role in civil field and anti terrorist war

Rainbow 4 UAV has a total length of 9 meters, a wingspan of 18 meters, a maximum take-off weight of 1.33 tons (rainbow-4b) and a deadweight of 345 kg. Driven by a piston engine, the UAV has a cruising speed of 180 km / h and a maximum speed of 235 km / h, a maximum range of 3500 km (rainbow-4a) and a maximum endurance of 30 hours.

The UAV has four external weapon mounting points and can carry two AR-1 / 2 air to surface missiles and two satellite guided bombs. Rainbow-4 is also equipped with advanced synthetic aperture radar, high-precision four in one photoelectric sensor, and integrated with Beidou satellite navigation system, which can be described as China’s version of “Global Hawk”.

The Iraqi army has invested a lot of rainbow-4 in the combat against Isis armed elements. The UAV can hover at high altitude for a long time to monitor the activity track of extreme armed forces. The cruising altitude of about 3km can basically eliminate the attack of man portable air defense missiles, The AR-1 / 2 air to surface missile equipped with shaped charge anti armor armor breaking warhead (heat) can basically restore the main battle tank to the part state in one shot, and the strike precision is high, so the anti armor effect is quite good.

Saudi Arabian army has also put this UAV into the campaign of attacking Husser’s armed forces (Saudi Arabia and China signed a military cooperation contract with a total value of 65 billion US dollars at the beginning of 2017, of which rainbow-4 is the key), and the t-72s of Husser’s armed forces has been destroyed by rainbow-4 for many times. For a long time in the future, Rainbow series UAVs will continue to play a huge role in the civil field and the war on terrorism, and win the favor of more countries with their low cost and excellent performance.

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