Recently, at the 2020 China Mobile global partners conference, Hu Zhenping, the group level chief expert of China Mobile, released the “China mobile network technology white paper (2020)”, which comprehensively elaborated the development vision and planning of network technology, including medium-term trends and short-term strategies, hoping to provide guidance for the industry in network technology development, technology introduction planning and product solution design At the same time, we can work with our partners to explore and brainstorm together to build a new smart infrastructure and stimulate new momentum of the digital economy.

China Mobile's "six modernizations and three strategies" seek the maximum value and pursue the ultimate network

The development trend of network technology: “six modernizations” draw the development blueprint

Facing the medium-term direction of network technology evolution, the white paper mentions that “six aspects” are most worthy of attention. One is the ultimate performance, which is always the goal of communication people’s assiduous pursuit and continuous struggle; the second is the original platform, 5g service concept and cloud origin are the best combination, cloud origin will give better play to the advantages of cloud and promote the rapid iteration of business; the third is the network Intelligent, 5g + AI will not only be the simple superposition of the two, network endogenous AI has become an important research direction of 5g evolution and 6G; fourth, the integration of computing and network, 5g and cloud computing are more closely coordinated, computing power and network are getting through each other’s boundaries, and more and more tend to be integrated; fifth, the new network security architecture of security endogenous, facing the interconnection of all things, endogenous and reliable will become the industry’s concern In order to better enable thousands of businesses and meet the needs of differentiation, customized network has become a rigid demand.

Strategies for the development of network technology: solving the optimal path of “three strategies”

For the near future, the white paper summarizes the development strategy of network technology as solving three major problems. The first is to solve the maximum value and pursue the ultimate network; the second is to solve the minimum value and pursue the minimalist network; the third is to solve the chemical equation and pursue integration and innovation. Dr. Hu Zhenping vividly compares the first two formulas to physical reaction, which is the upgrading and evolution of the network itself, and does not produce “new substances”. He compares the third formula to chemical reaction, which reflects the reconstruction and optimal allocation of resources through technology integration and industry integration.

Solve the maximum value and pursue the ultimate network

On the one hand, China Mobile will gradually introduce various new enhancement technologies end-to-end around the capability triangle to continuously improve network performance. In terms of speed, it will build a full gigabit network; in terms of delay and reliability, it will continue to improve performance by introducing new R16 functions and transmission enhancement technology; in terms of large connection, it will accelerate the migration of 2G Internet of things services to Nb and 4gcat1, forming a three-dimensional solution system with low, medium and high speed carried by different technologies.

On the other hand, it will enhance its capabilities around voice, coverage, positioning, differentiated services, basic network, etc., so as to fully serve individuals, families, government enterprises and emerging markets.

For example, in terms of coverage, we should enhance the deep coverage capability through cooperative frequency band and indoor division, and promote the equipment on board to improve the coverage performance of high-speed railway; we should actively study the satellite, ATG, UAV and other programs to extend the coverage to the three-dimensional space sky scene. For another example, in terms of positioning, the outdoor Beidou high-precision positioning and indoor pan wireless + network positioning are introduced to create more complete and higher precision characteristic capabilities.

Solving the minimum value and pursuing the minimalist network

For the operators of China Mobile, it is particularly important to “simplify”. The white paper also gives three aspects of work that China Mobile is carrying out. The first is the simplification of the network system, which promotes the network system from “four generations in one room” to “4g5g second generation collaboration”, from one frequency multi system to one frequency one to two systems; the second is to reduce OPEX through energy saving, which has formed a system, including device level (hardware enhancement), site level (software upgrade) and network level (inter network collaboration) solutions; the third is to improve the automation level and reduce the complexity, which is the most important Recently released Auto “Xingyun” automation integration platform is to upgrade the interface and connect with the partner platform, so as to better realize the “continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery” pipeline; in terms of wireless, it also hopes that the industry will accelerate the support of anr, MDT, rim and other features, so as to improve the automation level of operation and maintenance.

Solving chemical equation, pursuing integration and innovation

The integration of technology and industry gives birth to new chemical reactions, which need to solve the new “fusion chemical equation”. China Mobile is actively promoting the integration of cloud network, cloud edge, cloud number and cloud intelligence, so as to realize the reconstruction and optimization of basic resources (such as connectivity, data, computing power, etc.) in the network field. At the same time, we hope that through new infrastructure such as 5g, we can empower thousands of industries and accelerate the optimal allocation of disruptive industrial resources.

The first group of “reactants” added to the chemical equation is cloud and net. Dr. Hu Zhenping summed up the work of cloud and net integration into three words: Invigorating efforts, strengthening muscles and bones, and strengthening brain power. It aims to promote the dual plane hardware, t + version evolution of cloud platform, super large-scale SDN networking and other aspects, and also explore wireless cloud network; strengthen the strength, introduce sd-wan board in overlay, and strengthen the basic network around delay, certainty, control and other aspects in underlay; strengthen the brain, and strive to build the brain of cloud network cooperation, and realize cloud network cooperation At present, the unified arrangement, operation and management of cloud and network atomic capabilities hope to realize a little acceptance, realize the integrated arrangement and zero coding business deployment of abstract cloud and network atomic capabilities, and gradually evolve to intelligence.

The second group of “reactants” added to the chemical equation are networks and AI. China Mobile is carrying out three aspects of work in the field of network intelligence. The first is to build a network intelligence platform to realize unified data access and processing, flexible scheduling of algorithms and capabilities, and accelerate the application promotion. The second is to precipitate a group of key capabilities to realize the breakthrough of basic AI algorithms, precipitation of common capabilities, and building of intelligent data sets. The last is to focus on rules and regulations Build a number of benchmark applications in the three fields of intelligent maintenance, intelligent network element and service quality assurance. At the same time, Dr. Hu Zhenping also called on all parties in the industry to coordinate the standardization work at the beginning of the development of network intelligence, including end-to-end collaboration and collaboration among different organizations, so as to ensure the synchronization and completeness of standards related to network intelligence.

The third group of “reactants” added to the chemical equation are all walks of life. China Mobile has formulated a series of technical strategies and plans for 5g industry network with the goal of leading technology, speed, quality, scale and service. For example, in the aspect of network slicing, it released the most complete horizontal and vertical “t” type specification system in the industry, and defined the “three-step” promotion strategy; in the aspect of edge computing, it launched the “openupf industry cooperation plan” and jointly released the N4 decoupling specification system, which will further promote UPF virtualization and support R16 enhancement functions such as 5glan and bandwidth control In addition, China Mobile also hopes that the industry will speed up the support of 4.9ghz 1d3u frame structure to meet the needs of industry customers for large uplink. It hopes that the industry will support the combination of pre scheduling, mini slot, slot repetition and other functions with 5qi, so as to better provide hierarchical and scenario based support for industry customers.

“5g blooms, giving birth to spring; cloud net is the sail, going to the sea of stars.”. As mentioned at the end of the white paper, China Mobile is willing to work hand in hand with its industrial partners to jointly develop and contribute “China mobile solutions and China mobile power” to improve people’s quality of life, build a manufacturing power, a quality power, a network power and a digital China.

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