The 5G network provides private network services for the industry market. The technical complexity and challenges are unprecedented. The network must have multi-dimensional environment awareness capabilities from the network layer to the business layer, and provide customized services.

At the fourth “i-RRM Wireless Intelligent Management and Control Technology Seminar” of the “i Wireless-Intelligent 5G Technology Series Seminar” held recently, Duan Ran, deputy director of the Institute of Wireless and Terminal Technology of China Mobile Research Institute, said that i -RRM advocates real-time matching between allocation of radio resources and service requirements.

Duan Ran pointed out that for industry customers, it is necessary to provide deterministic capability guarantees in terms of delay, jitter, and reliability. The concept of i-RRM wireless intelligent management and control is oriented to the deterministic general needs of the industry, real-time perception and prediction of service experience, and real-time optimization guarantee on wireless resources.

Duan Ran introduced that the core concept of i-RRM is to provide intelligent management and control capabilities for wireless networks based on wireless cloud network integration, endogenous intelligence, and service-oriented, combined with the technical characteristics of 5G networks. Provide specific guarantees for specific needs to achieve fine-grained control of resources.

Duan Ran further introduced that considering the 5G construction cycle and the introduction strategy of vertical industries, China Mobile will gradually introduce the i-RRM feature. In 2021, we will focus on promoting business SLA guarantees in machine vision, remote control, etc. under the industrial Internet scenario; in 2022, we will focus on promoting integration with services to achieve wireless capability opening and deep collaboration between wireless networks and services.

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