At the “GSMA thrive · everything Shenghui – 5g SA summit”, Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said that at present, the three operators represented by China Mobile are actively promoting the evolution to the 5g SA target network, and 5g SA has commercial possibility in 2020.

5g SA has five new challenges

5g SA brings multi-dimensional innovation from the perspective of architecture and technical service capability, which can effectively support the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the high-quality development of the society. Specifically, the new architecture design has the characteristics of service, software and intelligence, which lays the foundation for the flexible and efficient operation of the network. New technical capabilities include slice edge calculation and uplink enhancement. In terms of new service capabilities, SA can better support multi volume billing, customized private network services and open sharing of capabilities.

Because SA is an end-to-end new design, from the standard completion time to the industrial R & D progress, it is objectively later than NSA, and the complexity of SA is much higher than NSA. International 5g operators, who started commercial very early, still have concerns about when to start SA and are waiting for maturity. Huang Yuhong said: “due to China’s urgent demand for SA application, China has strongly driven the maturity of SA in an all-round way. After more than one year of standard grinding, three rounds of testing and verification, driving the industry and the application of two poles, we believe that SA has the possibility of commercial use in 2020.”

It is precisely because SA has made many new changes and carried the important task of supporting the transformation and development of thousands of banks and industries, so the implementation challenge is also huge. Huang Yuhong pointed out that 5g SA has five challenges.

In terms of standards and industry, 5g SA standard considers the integration of ICT for the first time and introduces many new technologies in the IT field. The 5g standard has a tight promotion time and many contents, so the standard was not perfect when R15 was formulated. In addition, the time left for industrial R & D is also very short, the network and terminal need to be coordinated, the products need to be continuously iterated and upgraded, and the industrial ecology also needs to be more open to meet the customization requirements of a large number of industrial customers.

5g brings the large-scale cloud virtualization implementation of the network, brings the transformation of construction and operation mode, and also has high requirements for the improvement of operators’ own ability. The construction and operation and maintenance of industry private network need to be explored. SA makes 4G / 5G collaboration more complex and more difficult. “In addition to the significant capabilities brought by SA, there are also problems such as end-to-end connection such as slicing, automatic enabling adjustment, opening of edge computing interface protocol, innovation of business model, etc. in terms of service operation, operators need to consider how to provide unified access to industry users, self-service process, how to realize multiple high-speed business models, etc. in the integration of business model and industry On the one hand, the industry’s understanding of 5g, 5g’s support for the industry’s sophisticated requirements, 5g’s own standards and cross industry standards need to be continuously improved. ” Huang Yuhong said.

China Mobile promotes SA maturity and commercialization in an all-round way

Facing the opportunities and challenges mentioned above, China Mobile promotes the maturity and commercial use of SA in an all-round way. In terms of technology and industry, China Mobile starts from the end, faces construction, operation and commercial use, and constructs a complete technical system of SA to ensure that all work has rules to follow. At the same time, hundreds of key problems were found according to the all-round combing, and the joint industry was engaged in tackling key problems at the same time. Continuously improve 5g standards. On the one hand, promote the improvement of international standards in R15 / R16. On the other hand, jointly formulate 40 industry standards and 30 enterprise standards, which provides a good foundation for product R & D, construction and operation. At the same time, in order to create an open industrial ecology, it has led the opening of open UPF. It has built the most comprehensive and rigorous testing system in the industry. For example, it has carried out SA testing with a total of more than 30000 testing forces, found more than 500 industrial problems in the industry, promoted the improvement of end-to-end capacity and guaranteed the quality of SA products. For the key capabilities in SA, China Mobile has formulated 30 enterprise specifications, supplemented the technical scheme, and actively promoted the use of industry demonstration projects to carry out end-to-end slicing pilot. At the same time, China Mobile attaches great importance to the synchronous promotion of chips and terminals, initiated and established the terminal pioneer plan, actively promoted the joint industry with the goal of 5g mode multi frequency and multi form terminals, SA / NSA dual-mode terminals, and actively promoted handheld, video, access and other industrial terminals.

According to Huang Yuhong, in the network construction and operation development, China Mobile has established five technical principles. First, clarify the technical route, firmly take SA as the goal, synchronously promote NAS / SA, accelerate the maturity of SA, and strive to be commercial in 2020. The second is to lock the version. Taking F60 as the baseline, it flexibly introduces very necessary features, which is mainly to ensure the connection of end-to-end equipment. Third, industry customers and individual customers build core networks and 4G / 5G integrated networks respectively. The fourth is cloud network integration networking. Our core network is built by virtualization. The fifth is spectrum cooperative 700MHz / 2.6ghz/4.9ghz multi frequency cooperative networking, in which 700MHz / 2.6GHz is the basic coverage and 4.9ghz is for capacity supplement and industrial applications.

SA brings not only technological change, but also paradigm change of industry development. To this end, China Mobile has actively promoted the development of 5g industry from three aspects: network paradigm, service paradigm and operation paradigm, and created an excellent and exclusive industry boutique network in the innovation of network paradigm. In terms of service paradigm, a “BAF multi-dimensional” business model with basic grading capability is constructed, so that customers can “order by order”. In addition, actively promote cross layer and cross domain collaboration of cloud side networks to create a new paradigm of cloud network integration. Fourth, accelerate industrial financing innovation, which is particularly key to 5g’s new infrastructure role.

At the same time, China Mobile has actively promoted industrial financing and initiated the establishment of the world’s first 5g joint innovation center in 2016. At present, China Mobile has more than 700 partners, built 25 open laboratories, explored the integration point between industry demand and 5g, issued more than 30 white papers or insight reports, and incubated more than 100 integrated innovation applications. The industry application market is large, but also diverse, In order to quickly form replicable industry applications, China Mobile focuses on 15 vertical industry fields and creates 100 leading innovative applications and scenarios. China Mobile has also made special promotion, including the establishment of terminal pioneer alliance, 5g news, special edge computing pioneer 300 project, open UPF plan, etc., to accelerate the financing and innovation of 5g industry.

“5g SA is a new goal in the new stage and contains new opportunities. 5g SA is also a new technology and has a new architecture, which has brought us new challenges. More importantly, 5g SA has brought new kinetic energy and new model, and will certainly play an important role in building a new ecology of thousands of industries. China Mobile hopes to work together with the industrial chain and ecological partners to move forward with 5g SA, Lead new infrastructure and forge a new future. “
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