On February 20, 2020, China Mobile and Shanghai Hisilicon strategically released a series of 5g professional modules and solutions in London, the UK, which will meet the needs of specific industries such as industry and transportation in the future, jointly helping 5g communication technology serve the public, integrate into all industries, and accelerate 5g scale commercial use.

China Mobile officially released 5g module middleware and Solutions

The 5g module middleware released by Shanghai Hisilicon, including 5g modem chips, SDK and development tools, and 5g + X solutions, aims to realize the full opening of 5g capabilities for vertical industries and consumption fields, rapidly develop commercial module products for different industries, and improve the application scale of 5g industry.

China Mobile officially released 5g module middleware and Solutions

As a strategic partner, China Mobile has released 5g industrial module products based on 5g module middleware of Shanghai Hisilicon, which will further reduce the development difficulty of 5g terminal, shorten the development cycle and meet the needs of diversified industries, and greatly accelerate the business application of 5g technology in the rich scenarios of intelligent manufacturing, security monitoring, intelligent medical treatment, multimedia, business display large screen, etc.

As the world’s leading communication operator, China Mobile, with the overall goal of becoming a major force in the network power, digital China and smart society, comprehensively promotes the “5g +” plan, complies with the new trend of 5g technology integration and innovation application, releases emerging consumption potential and actively develops more and wider consumer products in response to the needs of e-commerce, e-government, telemedicine, online education, online entertainment, etc New information application scenario, accelerate 5g integration into all industries and serve the public.

China mobile terminal company and Shanghai Hisilicon have always maintained close cooperation in the field of intelligent hardware. In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation in key technology research, key process verification, standard formulation, product innovation and other aspects of 5g intelligent terminal, and work together to promote 5g applications in more industries from vision blueprint to mature business.

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