On the 25th, the Shaanxi Provincial Communications Administration notified the investigation and handling of China Mobile’s Xi’an Branch’s refusal to provide users with number portability services without legitimate reasons.

It is reported that on October 13, 2020, Mr. Cao from Xi’an reported that he went to the mobile company to transfer the number to the network, and found that the agreement had been extended to 2038 and the number could not be canceled.

Mr. Cao said that he applied for a mobile card in 2018, and it cost 800 yuan to apply for the card. At that time, the salesperson said that the agreement period was two years. In August this year, I went to the business hall to check, and the staff said that the number can be ported to the network.

Later, after I returned the broadband box to the business hall, I received a text message saying that my agreement had been extended to 2038. I complained back and forth dozens of times, 10086 said that there is no way to port the number to the network, and the number can’t be canceled.

But on November 27, 2019, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom officially provided the “number portability” service across the country. Users can choose any network of China Telecom, China Mobile, or China Unicom while keeping the number unchanged. and services, avoiding the costs and risks of changing numbers.

In this regard, the Shaanxi Provincial Communications Administration recently issued a notice stating that it had verified the incident. It has been found out that Xi’an Mobile has adjusted the term of the user agreement to 20 years in accordance with the management method of the company’s good number, so as to propose to charge the user for liquidated damages and restrict the user from canceling the account, resulting in the obstruction of the user’s portability.

For this incident, the Shaanxi Provincial Communications Administration determined that the behavior of Shaanxi Mobile Xi’an Branch was illegal, fined 50,000 yuan and dealt with five responsible persons.

The Shaanxi Provincial Communications Management Bureau also issued a communication management letter stating that all basic operating companies should learn a lesson from this case and take it as a warning. All companies must strictly implement the “Telecommunications Regulations”, conscientiously implement the “Nine Prohibitions” requirements of the “Number Portability Transfer Service Management Regulations”, combine the problems reflected in the notification, comprehensively carry out self-examination and rectification, correct violations, and prevent such incidents from happening again. occur, and jointly maintain a sound telecommunications market order.
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