At the “2020 Communication Industry Conference and the 15th Annual Communication Technology Conference” held yesterday, Zhang Tongxu, president of China Mobile Research Institute, pointed out that the current 5G innovation has entered the deep water area, and 6G research has entered the “no man’s land”. Leading the development of the global information and communication industry faces challenges, and it is necessary to strengthen basic research, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and solve development problems.

Zhang Tongxu introduced that China Mobile implements the innovation-driven development strategy and promotes the high-quality development of the industry. “Talent construction” four measures are taken simultaneously, and the industry-university-research partners tackle key technologies and lead the development.

The first is to deepen the field layout, conquer core technologies, and strengthen applied basic research. In terms of 5G, promote the R17 standard to penetrate into vertical industries and integrate with OICT, including private network services, industrial Internet and new interactive services; in terms of 6G, the goal is to lead the future network development, consolidate the development foundation, and focus on new mobile communications , new energy, chips, modules, components and other aspects to explore and build new capabilities for information services.

The second is to strengthen the collaboration between production and research and build an innovative cooperation carrier. Zhang Tongxu said: “China Mobile should do R&D by itself, openly, and in cooperation.” In addition to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation Research Institute, more new R&D institutions will be deployed; it will be established with Tsinghua University The joint research institute has established a joint innovation center with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to form an efficient innovation consortium; in addition, it has strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutions, such as signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Pengcheng Laboratory. Collaboration between production and research, promote innovation, and build a “new highland” for deep integration of production, education and research.

The third is to optimize the research and development mechanism, release innovation vitality, and speed up key core technology research and original innovation. The development goals of China Mobile’s “14th Five-Year Plan” are “three threes”. The first “three” is that in the next five years, the R&D investment will reach 30 billion yuan, of which the application basic R&D investment will exceed 1.5 billion yuan; the second “three” “Three” means that the R&D investment intensity exceeds 3%; the third “three” is that China Mobile’s comprehensive strength ranks among the top three among global operators.

The fourth is to improve the construction of talents and create a “strong magnetic field” for scientific and technological talents. Talent is the first resource for innovation and the fundamental source of scientific and technological innovation. “No one can do anything. How to keep talents in state-owned enterprises and operators, there is still a lot of work to be done.” Zhang Tongxu said. China Mobile will continue to stimulate the vitality of talents through joint training, introduction and gathering, incentives and guarantees.

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