Sprint communications, a testing and assurance company, announced that it will work with China Mobile to ensure the readiness of mission critical 5g applications through network slicing transmission standard testing and validation.

Chinese operators have selected the newly launched sbolen flex-100 test module to test the functional and performance aspects related to 5g transmission sliced packet network (SPN), the company said in a press release.

Li Han, deputy director of network and it Technology Research Department of China Mobile Communication Research Institute, said: “with operators, network equipment manufacturers and chip suppliers are developing support for SPN/ MTN products, and explore and expand its application in various applications. In this case, China Mobile has deployed 5g commercial SPN transmission, providing reliable SLA for different 5g applications through multi-layer network slicing. We are pleased that sbolen has launched the flex-100 test module on its flagship sbolen TestCenter platform and look forward to continuing our cooperation in SPN / MTN testing and use case development to drive the commercial deployment of 5g transmission networks. “

China Mobile has deployed 5g commercial SPN transmission to provide reliable SLA for different 5g applications

Spirent stressed that SPN has been accepted by ITU-T to further develop the g.mtn (metro transport network) standard series, which provides an end-to-end transport network architecture, enabling network slicing to meet the most demanding requirements of 5g applications.

The company added that standards based SPN testing improves interoperability by validating use cases, technologies, and solutions prior to deployment. The flex-100 test module of sboron will be used to test the functions, performance and specifications related to 5g transmission SPN.

Spirent added that its solution extends the SPN network slicing test capabilities to help ensure a variety of bandwidth, latency, security and time synchronization required for 5g applications.

“Spirit is a pioneer in providing innovative testing solutions for new technologies, and we will continue to invest in solutions that support 5g network development and ensure service delivery through it,” said abhitesh kastuar, general manager of cloud and IP at sprint. Sboron has a long-term cooperative relationship with China Mobile, and has cooperated in 3G, 4G LTE and 5g technology testing, product verification and deployment. Sibolen will support China Mobile in testing all aspects of 5g and accelerate the deployment of SPN / MTN technology. “

China Mobile recently said it has provided 5g services in 50 cities in China. The company launched commercial 5g services last year after the Chinese government decided to grant 5g licenses.

According to the latest report by China Daily, China Mobile aims to have 70 million 5g subscribers by the end of 2020, and plans to invest 20 billion yuan (2.85 billion US dollars).

China Mobile is working with Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson and ZTE to deploy its 5g network. According to an earlier report released by the South China Morning Post, China Mobile has awarded half of its 5g network equipment contract to Huawei Technologies.

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