Seven precipitation, hill Chongcheng. On November 19, 2020, the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference with the theme of “5g + integrated into all industries, digital intelligence leading the future” is about to open. Since 2013, the China Mobile global partners conference held near the end of each year has been an industry event that the industry is looking forward to. This year is also of great significance. As the first large-scale event of China Mobile after the first anniversary of 5g business, the 2020 China Mobile global partners conference is also one of the highest standard information and communication conferences in the world since the outbreak.

Standing at the historical intersection of looking back at the 13th five year plan and setting sail for the 14th five year plan, China Mobile will fully interpret the 5g + digital innovation strategy, and show how China Mobile and all parties in the industry can promote digital network innovation, digital product innovation, digital technology innovation and digital Ecological Innovation based on 5g + to help “new infrastructure” take off, In order to realize the overall acceleration of China’s social and economic digital transformation. Therefore, this conference has been highly concerned by the industry and regarded as a new starting point for the construction and development of China’s 5g business.

China Mobile has built the world's largest 5g network to expand the symbiotic and win-win 5g ecosystem

Build the world’s largest 5g network

On November 15, 2019, the 2019 China Mobile global partners conference was successfully opened. At that time, the horn of 5g commercial “train” just sounded. China Mobile then successively released the future oriented network construction plan, brand optimization measures, comprehensive opening cooperation plan, upgrading of organizational structure of each business line and other important news, which reflected the new direction of 5g development The new concept has also set the development path of China Mobile in the next decade, and launched a comprehensive, three-dimensional and realistic blueprint of China’s “5g +” era for the world. Since then, the “5g +” plan has been in full swing, and China’s 5g construction has entered the expressway.

In the past year, based on the world’s largest 4G network, China Mobile has built 5g + 4G collaborative network to realize rapid network deployment; 5g construction based on 2.6GHz, 4.9ghz and other multi band, through the cooperation of low, medium and high frequency, give full play to the advantages of frequency resources, and realize low-cost and efficient network construction; Comprehensively improve 5g end-to-end network quality and service capability, strengthen 2.6GHz and 4.9ghz dual band cooperation, and build a three-dimensional, intelligent and high-performance 5g wireless network with 64 channel large-scale antenna base stations as the main body.

At the same time, China Mobile continues to promote the development of 5g technology standards, and takes the lead in formulating the new generation of global mobile communication technology application requirements; In ITU, 3GPP and other international organizations, he led the key standard projects, and the number of proposals in the network field and wireless field ranked among the top in the global telecom operators; The leading 5gsa network architecture standard is the first new generation mobile communication network architecture standard developed by a Chinese company. In July this year, 5gr16 standard was frozen, marking the completion of the first evolution version of 5g standard. At present, the evolution oriented R17 standard is being formulated. From network to air port, China Mobile has achieved a significant end-to-end technological change in 5g.

It can be said that after nearly a year of strategic implementation, China Mobile has actively complied with the development trend of the industry, built a scale-based value management system of integration, accommodation and intelligence integration, and a collaborative and efficient organization operation system of capability, joint force and vitality, and deeply implemented the “5g +” plan. It can be said that the transformation and upgrading has achieved remarkable results: as of the end of October, China Mobile has built the world’s largest 5g network, opened 380000 5g base stations, and provided 5g services for all cities above prefecture level in China. The number of mobile 5g package users exceeded 114 million, and the number of wired broadband users exceeded 200 million.

Personal users are far ahead, cable broadband is advancing by leaps and bounds, 5g construction is fruitful, 5g business for one year, China Mobile is firmly the “three material champion”. It is worth noting that at this conference, China Mobile will build the first 5gsa immersive smart Pavilion in Guangdong Based on the leading 5gsa network, break through the capacity limitations of NSA in 5g core network, uplink bandwidth, delay and other aspects, and present more possibilities created by 5gsa era.

Create the most powerful 5g application

“While business competition is accelerating from” factor “competition to” factor + capability “competition, information and communication services are also rapidly transforming from scale operation to scale based value operation.” Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, said at the 2019 China Mobile global partners conference.

For operators, “5g +” may be the real source of future value. Therefore, over the past year, China Mobile has been integrating into all kinds of industries, helping the industrial transformation and upgrading. It has continuously enriched 5g application scenarios, focused on leading enterprises in 15 key industries, created “first” in many industries, vigorously promoted the “beyond 5g” action, and created high-quality “model houses”, including 100 group level leading demonstration projects and 1000 provincial-level regional characteristic projects, Systematically promote the scale replication of five sub industries to achieve business scale development.

In the past year, China Mobile, together with Hunan Valin Xianggang, has built the first multinational 5g + Ar remote assembly system; Combined with Huawei and other partners, the first underground 5g smart coal mine in China was built in Shanxi Xinyuan coal mine; Launch the world’s first 5g + intelligent logistics series products with Kunming shipping and other enterprises; COSCO Shipping and Dongfeng Motor released the first 5g full scene smart port in Xiamen, Fujian Province; Build a full 5g flexible factory with Zhejiang aikedi company… 5g application cases finally move from the exhibition hall to the reality.

It is understood that at this conference, top terminal enterprises at home and abroad will fully display the latest achievements of 5g multimodal terminals, so that 5g’s wonderful life is within reach; China Mobile Digital Home Alliance will join hands with many partners to create a full range of smart home scenes, so that the audience can experience all Gigabit smart home in 5g era; The Ministry of government, enterprises and public institutions of China Mobile will give a panoramic display of how 5g + can enable thousands of lines and industries and help the industry upgrade in an all-round way.

At the same time, from chips to terminals, from systems to solutions, from individuals to industry applications, many of the latest 5g innovations at home and abroad will be unveiled to the public for the first time. In addition, this conference will adopt a new mode of offline and online parallel for the first time. As a subsidiary of the offline conference, the online conference focuses on the three leading innovation points of 5g + UHD + VR, and is committed to establishing the benchmark case of 5g new application, creating innovative experience and application of online exhibition, which will enable users to immerse themselves in the wonderful future of 5g + X.

Expand the 5g ecology of symbiosis and win win

“The unknown of 5g is far greater than the known, which requires telecom operators and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to actively give play to their own resource endowment advantages, cooperate in innovation, work together to speed up the maturity of standards, technology and industry, reduce construction and operation costs, improve application scenarios, innovate business models, and fully release the unlimited potential of 5g.” Yang Jie said at the 2019 China Mobile global partners conference. Indeed, 5g is an amplifier. The more participants, the greater the multiplier effect.

Therefore, while making itself stronger, China Mobile is also expanding its circle of friends. At the 2019 cooperation partners conference, China Mobile proposed to actively build a 5g new ecology of resource sharing, Ecological Symbiosis, mutual benefit and win-win, and integrated development, so as to jointly promote the accelerated development of China’s 5g industry. Today, the 5g terminal pioneer industry alliance and the global 5g joint innovation center have gathered more than 1900 partners to deepen exchanges and cooperation in 5g technology research and development, achievement transformation, etc., and the 5g joint innovation industry fund with a total scale of 30 billion yuan has been successfully established.

It is understood that this year’s main forum will release the latest 5g + cooperation plan, and will invite several heavyweight guests to discuss 5g + cooperation and innovation with China Mobile. China Mobile Group and professional companies will organize dozens of high-end summit, China Mobile Internet of things alliance and other series of alliance industry ecological summit will be held, and China mobile maker marathon competition, independent innovation competition and big data modeling competition will also be held at the same time. In addition, around the 5g + strategy, China Mobile and many partners will show the latest solutions in chip, terminal, smart home, smart government and enterprise, smart city and many other aspects. During the conference, thousands of top experts at home and abroad will gather in Yangcheng to discuss the future of digital society in 5g era.

20 years, start again

2020 is a milestone year. 20 years ago, China Mobile was officially established, which opened a new chapter in the history of comprehensively deepening the reform of China’s communication industry and making the communication central enterprises bigger, stronger and better. So far, China Mobile has been daring to seek breakthroughs in technological innovation, business innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation, and has continuously expanded itself, contributing an important force to China’s epic communication development.

In order to celebrate, review and prospect, the 2020 China Mobile global cooperation conference will hold a grand ceremony of “being grateful for 20 years and witnessing beautiful changes”, which will be broadcast simultaneously on Migu video and major Internet media platforms on November 20. It is understood that the theme of this grand ceremony is “moving the road to bloom, I am the future”. Through three chapters of gratitude, responsibility and innovation, it will review the 20-year hard work of China Mobile in the way of stage art, and focus on the story of China Mobile’s fight against poverty, reappear the scene of China Mobile 5g on Mount Everest, and bring an immersive experience to the audience, Fully demonstrate China Mobile’s unrelenting central enterprise responsibility and mission at the beginning of the 20th century.

5g+ is integrated into the industry, and digital intelligence leads the future. In 2020, the digital transformation of social economy is increasingly urgent, and accelerating the “new infrastructure” represented by 5g has become the consensus of the society. In the key year of 5g leading foundation and building a world-class “power building”, we expect China Mobile 5g + to release unlimited potential and create more possibilities in the future 5g + era, so as to further promote the construction, application, integration and innovation of 5g and help the digital and intelligent transformation of social economy.

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