For China Telecom and China Unicom, even if the mobile users can’t catch up with China Mobile, the former strength of fixed network broadband is also surpassed by the latter, and the gap is growing.

According to the operation data released by China Mobile in August, its wired broadband users have reached 201 million, an increase of 1.734 million compared with last month, and a cumulative increase of 13.818 million this year.

China Mobile continues to reduce the entry price of broadband, which will trigger a price war of fixed network belt

As a comparison, China Unicom’s operation data in August showed that the number of fixed network broadband users in August increased by 171000, with a total of 85.820 million, and this year’s total of 2.342 million. China Telecom’s data showed that the number of wired broadband users in August increased by 710000, with a total of 155.48 million.

As a result, some people in the industry said that China Mobile is constantly reducing the entry price of broadband, and the number of original user base is large enough, which leads to the situation that they will throw Telecom and Unicom farther and farther away. Next, fixed network broadband will fall into a price war, and the cheaper it will be.

In addition, as for the number of mobile users, by the end of August, the total number of China Mobile had reached 946 million, 473000 fewer than that in July, and 4375000 fewer this year; China Unicom has a net decrease of 886000 households, totaling 309 million households, and a net decrease of 9.807 million households this year; The number of mobile subscribers of China Telecom increased by 1.62 million, and the total number of mobile subscribers was 34769 million.

In other words, the number of mobile users of China Mobile and China Unicom is decreasing, only China Telecom is increasing. This is due to the influence of network transfer by carrying numbers. Both China Mobile and China Unicom are flowing out, while only Telecom is flowing in. Of course, the number carrying network transfer will not affect the pattern of operators, China Mobile is still the leader, more than the total number of China Unicom.

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