Recently, based on zhanrui Tanggula 5g baseband chip platform v510, mobile communication launched an ultra-small 5g module rg200u. With its “slimming” shape and “online” performance, it has been recognized and affirmed by customers in the industry and aroused strong repercussions in the industry.

In order to flexibly meet the needs of industry customers for different module packaging, on August 25, mobile communication and zhanrui officially released rg200u Mini PCIe 5g module, which has the advantages of rich interfaces, convenient installation, simple base plate and minimal antenna, which brings convenience to the application development of the Internet of things. At the same time, it can also “plug in 5g wings” to traditional terminal devices, Rely on 5g technology to successfully realize intelligent transformation and upgrading. This module has entered the engineering sample stage and is supporting many industry customers in terminal design.

Rich peripherals, full speed

The size of 5g module rg200u Mini PCIe is 50.95mm × 30.7mm × 5.3mm. It supports 5g NR sub-6ghz band and 5g independent Networking (SA) and non independent Networking (NSA) dual-mode networks, and is downward compatible with 4G / 3G. At the same time, it supports 5g / 4G high-speed access, TDD and FDD modes and dual card functions of the four major domestic operators.


Because it can support USB3.0 high-speed interface, rg200u Mini PCIe performs no worse in terms of communication rate, which is the same as that of 5g module of m.2 interface, changing the industry’s stereotype of mini PCIe package module speed.

The left and right Dharma guards are as stable as a rock

Rg200u Mini PCIe 5g module has two screw fixing mounting holes on the left and right, which not only makes the installation of the module more convenient, but also makes it more reliable, laying a good foundation for the module to always maintain superior performance.

The big guy has great wisdom

In terms of RF design, rg200u Mini PCIe adopts generation 1 IPEX base, which can support 5g NR sub-6ghz band, fully ensuring its advantage in rate.

In addition, compared with IPEX generation 4, IPEX generation 1 seat is larger, can support more RF crimpable wire diameters, and the production line installation is more convenient and reliable.


Antenna design is flexible, from extravagance to thrift

In terms of hardware design, rg200u Mini PCIe 5g module can realize high-speed 5g connection with at least two antennas. When the minimalist 2-antenna design scheme is adopted, the frequency band coverage of rg200u Mini PCIe is still consistent with the 4-antenna scheme.

The reduction of the number of antennas provides more space for the design of the whole terminal, further optimizes the cost of the whole terminal, and helps customers reduce development investment.

Zhang Dong, COO of China mobile communications, said: with the increasing maturity of 5g technology and the continuous emergence of fragmented industry demand, the voice of “borrowing 5g east wind” transformation of traditional terminal equipment is becoming higher and higher. Rg200u Mini PCIe 5g module based on zhanrui Tanggula v510 chip platform has the dual advantages of small size and mini PCIe packaging, which is just in line with the expectation of using 5g to realize product upgrading in subdivided fields. The launch of rg200u Mini PCIe module can help industry customers create more types of 5g Internet of things terminals and accelerate the blooming of 5g industry applications.

Huang Yuning, senior vice president of zhanrui, said: zhanrui Tanggula v510 is a mature and commercially leading 5g baseband chip platform in the world. Its complete 5g reference design can greatly reduce the development complexity of customers, enable customers to develop various product forms based on rich interfaces and produce in mass at a fast speed. Zhanrui is one of the four companies with 5g chips in the global open market. It has mastered 5g underlying core technology and is committed to supporting the intelligence of industrial system and society. We are willing to continue to deepen cooperation with global leading module partners such as China Mobile, promote richer and more intelligent 5g industry solution innovation, and use 5g technology to help the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

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