With a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change entering the inflection point, 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies have been deeply integrated into the economy, society and people’s livelihood. Accelerating the new national infrastructure strategy represented by 5g, leading the network technology innovation and network infrastructure construction, has become the key to supporting the economic and social digital, networked and intelligent transformation.

In order to further stimulate the new momentum of digital economy and meet the needs of future network development, China Mobile recently released the “white paper on China Mobile Network Technology (2020)” (hereinafter referred to as the “white paper”), which outlines the vision and technology development plan of China mobile network and provides reference for the industry in network technology development, technology introduction planning and product solution design Examination and guidance.

China Mobile 2020 network technology white paper released, integrating innovation to realize the optimal allocation of subversive resources

The picture shows Hu Zhenping, the group level chief expert of China Mobile, releasing the white paper on the spot

Facing the development of network technology in the near and medium term, China Mobile thinks that the development trend of technology, such as extreme performance, integration of computing and network, original platform, network intelligence, security internalization and network customization, is worthy of attention. Based on this, China Mobile puts forward three network technology development strategies: solving the maximum problem, pursuing the extreme network; solving the minimum problem, pursuing the minimalist network; solving the chemical equation, pursuing the integration and innovation.

Acme network: increase user peak speed to 3gbps+

China Mobile will build an end-to-end network with high speed, low delay, high reliability and large connection capacity triangle as its goal, and achieve end-to-end network performance improvement by introducing 3gppr16 new technology, end-to-end Gigabit broadband access, 400g transmission and other means.

In the aspect of speed and capacity improvement. For wireless access network, carrier aggregation (CA) technology will be used to achieve multi carrier cooperation, so as to effectively improve the peak rate of users from 1Gbps + to 3gbps +. For the transmission bearer network, the transmission access network promotes the support of 10gpon + Gigabit intelligent gateway + wi-fi6, and realizes the sharing of infrastructure with the GPON network; for the transmission backbone network, it realizes the optoelectronic hybrid network based on the optical cross, realizes 400g long-distance transmission at the backbone level by combining with the new optical fiber and optical amplification technology, expands the available resources of the optical fiber spectrum, and promotes the realization of top-level communication Sotn management and control architecture of layout ability and cross domain coordination control. In terms of bearer network, on the basis of maintaining the backbone and provincial network two-level architecture, the 400g interface is timely introduced.

In terms of delay and reliability optimization. In order to meet the low delay performance requirements of industry applications, wireless network will introduce special frame structure, scheduling algorithm optimization and other technologies to reduce the loopback delay in local scenes to millisecond level; SPN technology is based on the cross of 66b atomic code blocks to realize the effective integration of TDM and packet, and the delay of single node is as low as US level, meeting the service requirements of urllc.

In the aspect of big connection performance improvement. The mobile Internet of things technology system of 4G and 5g collaborative development will be built. Low rate service is carried by NB IOT, medium rate service is carried by 4gcat1 / 1bis, high rate service is carried by 4gcat4 and 5gnrredcap, and super high rate service is carried by 5gnr. In addition, China Mobile has formulated detailed plans to improve its voice, network coverage, positioning, differentiated service system and basic network services.

Minimalist network: maximizing resource utilization

In order to simplify and reduce the complexity of 5g service, China Mobile plans to maximize the utilization of 5g resources.

First, simplify the system. According to the general principle of “simplification and optimization, coordination and efficiency”, China Mobile adopts the following two measures to simplify the network mode and optimize the allocation of frequency resources.

On the one hand, it is to simplify the system, from “four generations in the same room” to “two generations of cooperation”, from “one frequency with multiple systems” to “one frequency with few systems / one system”. In terms of 2G, it undertakes 2G IOT business through NB IOT and 4gcat1 / 1bis technology, realizes 2G IOT business migration, actively intervenes and speeds up 2G network withdrawal; in terms of 4G, 4G / 5G will coexist for a long time and develop cooperatively, and gradually re cultivate to 5g in the medium and long term according to the needs of business development. In terms of 5g, the 2.6hz and 4.9ghz frequency bands take into account the development needs of 2B and 2C networks, and form 2C network advantages as soon as possible to create 2B scene features. On the other hand, we should optimize the allocation of spectrum resources, strive for single mode high-low cooperation, and make the best use of all frequency bands. Through the single mode high-low cooperation, the coverage, capacity, uplink and delay can be determined respectively to realize the configuration optimization; each frequency band strives to perform its own duties to realize the utilization optimization.

Secondly, energy saving and cost reduction. In typical scenarios, 5g base station has large bandwidth, many channels and high power. To this end, China Mobile and the industry continue to carry out research on key technologies to reduce the power consumption of base stations, and propose a three-level energy-saving technology system of “device level energy saving, site level energy saving and network level energy saving”, so as to promote the continuous development of 5g network in the direction of green and efficient.

The third is to reduce the complexity. With the world’s largest network cloud business, nfv has changed from technological innovation to integrated innovation. China Mobile has built a new integrated system with the core of “process standardization, data standardization and tool automation”. In the auto “Xingyun” platform released by China Mobile, partners can connect the automation ability and data of their own equipment with the “Xingyun” platform based on the basic ability and tool ability of auto, so as to ensure the control and automatic data flow of continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery, and realize the efficiency improvement. The subsequent automation integration will further expand from the center to the edge, comprehensively improve the efficiency and quality of cloud / network / edge integration, and ensure the rapid iteration and evolution of cloud network.

In addition, 5g network parameters and business scenarios are more diverse, which brings new challenges to 5g network deployment and optimization. To this end, China Mobile has proposed an automatic operation and maintenance (i-son) technology system to further enhance the capability of traditional son, reduce network optimization costs, and improve network performance and user experience.

Integration and Innovation: realizing the optimal allocation of subversive resources

The development of network and the integration of technology give birth to new chemical reactions, which need to solve the new “chemical equation of technology integration”.

China Mobile plans to promote the close cooperation of 5g network, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology to realize the integration of cloud network, cloud edge, cloud number and cloud intelligence, so as to achieve the effect of reconstruction and optimization of basic resources in the network field; based on the new enabling of Digitalization for the industry, through industry financing, facing the new needs of rich vertical industries, realize the optimal allocation of subversive resources in the industry.

One is cloud network integration. With the rapid development of 5g and cloud computing and the reconstruction of industrial structure, the demand for cloud network integration is increasingly apparent. China Mobile actively promotes cloud network integration, and accelerates the digital transformation of Qianxing Baiye while driving its own digital transformation. China Mobile plans to reach 100% of the network cloud by 2025, and optimize and improve the network cloud technology architecture of China Mobile to meet the needs of business development and cloud demand.

Second, network intelligence integration. At the same time of breakthrough in performance and flexibility, 5g network operation and maintenance are also facing unprecedented challenges. China Mobile actively promotes the deep integration of 5g and artificial intelligence technology, realizes AI model training, iteration and reasoning in 5g network through flexible scheduling of computing power, and gradually realizes network intelligence.

China Mobile will work with all parties in the industry to carry out technology research around the research and development of network intelligent platform, create intelligent benchmarking applications, promote the implementation of large-scale applications, study the collaborative integration of network intelligent platform, architecture, data and computing power, promote the deep integration of network intelligence, cloud intelligence and cloud network, and strive to realize the large-scale application of network intelligence. China Mobile will also actively cooperate with all parties in the industry in 3GPP, ITU, CCSA, AIIa and other domestic and foreign standards organizations to jointly develop end-to-end network intelligent standards.

Third, industry financing. In order to integrate 5g into Qianxing Baiye and create a new blue ocean market with customers, China Mobile has built an end-to-end flexible 5g industry network carrying tob business, forming leading advantages in technology, speed, quality, scale and service with operator characteristics, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China Mobile’s network capability, operation management and business model. 5g industry network provides three levels of service mode of “premium”, “exclusive” and “exclusive” and flexible packages of BAF. It provides customizable, hierarchical and diversified menu combinations to realize customers’ order by order.

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