From the 27th to 28th of this month, the international medical innovation and Cooperation Forum (China Shanghai Cooperation Organization) was held in Fangchenggang, Guangxi. Some participating experts exchanged their experiences on the development status and experience of smart medicine.

Li Lanjuan pointed out here that through ten years of efforts, China has made rapid development in big data, Internet, artificial intelligence and other aspects. The government has also issued relevant policy documents, laying the foundation for smart medicine, and a number of talents and enterprises are growing healthily. It is hoped that SCO countries can carry out exchanges and cooperation through the international medical innovation cooperation forum to jointly develop the cause of smart medicine.

China is still a long way from truly intelligent medical treatment

Xue Xiaolin, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Hospital Association, pointed out that 10 years ago, after the concept of smart medicine was put forward, many countries and institutions have introduced a series of measures. The research on the development of China’s smart medicine roughly follows the development trend of new medical reform, public health, medical system, medical Internet of things, health informatization, electronic medical record, appointment registration, telemedicine, mobile medical equipment, medical institutions and big data.

Xue Xiaolin said that with the rapid development and popularization of technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the use of Internet plus application platform to enhance the efficiency of medical resources utilization and improve the level of treatment and service has become an important technical means to promote the construction of healthy China. China’s Internet Medical service will enter a golden period. As a key component, the smart medical industry will also enter a period of rapid development.

Intelligent medical treatment promoted by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and the transformation of intelligent medical industry promoted by emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, knowledge management and blockchain are changing people’s lifestyle. The new medical form in the future will focus on individual centered data-driven intelligent health medical services.

Wang hang, founder and CEO of good doctor online, said that at present, some remote mountainous areas in China can accept remote diagnosis from medical experts in developed cities as long as they use smart phones, and the remote expert clinic will become the main way for experts to visit. However, from the perspective of policies or practitioners’ participation in the construction of smart medicine, the development of smart medicine in China is still in the early “pilot” development stage. Although some medical institutions have made some breakthroughs in this regard, the construction of smart medicine in China has not been moved as a whole.

China is still a long way from truly intelligent medical treatment

Wang hang said that at present, China’s intelligent medical development has a great investment in technological innovation and talent cultivation, but the business model and industrial chain are still relatively backward, and the industrial division of labor is still relatively vague, which is the short board of China’s intelligent medical development.

Wang hang believes that technological innovation, reasonable business model and industrial chain mechanism are the core elements of China’s intelligent medical development. Only the reasonable promotion of business model can make the intelligent medical virtuous circle.

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