China 5g needs to guard against arrogance and rashness

There are many factors in the development of a country, such as science and technology, communication, manufacturing and so on. Generally speaking, it is the problem of technology. If you master the core technology, the distance to success will be shortened by half.

5g is the first time that China has taken the lead in technology since 1840, which greatly refreshes China’s position in the world. We should know that many countries are committed to the research and development of 5g, and the 5g technology is finally advanced by China.

Huawei has won the most 5g patents in the world. At last, China has ushered in a lead in the field of communication, and how much value will this lead create for China. To take a simple example, Qualcomm, an American company, has made a lot of money by relying on chips and patents.

China’s leading position in 5g will lead to high patent fees in capital. On the other hand, China’s leading position in technology will lead to autonomy and decision-making power. And 5g will create more than we think.

China is facing double challenges in 5g and 6G fields

In many areas, 5g can play its role. Some people say it will exceed the value created by electricity. In the past two years, China has been building 5g network, but there are some obstacles in the implementation of 5g network.

Originally, with excellent technology, Huawei 5g technology will surely get support from many countries, but due to some factors, the situation has also changed. In this regard, Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei said that because Huawei’s 5g technology is leading, it is not afraid that no one will use it.

China is indeed ahead of other countries in the 5g issue, but Chinese academicians have repeatedly said that there are still three problems in 5g and we can not be careless.

On the one hand, China’s 5g technology is not very mature, on the other hand, the operation cost of 5g is high. In fact, the three operators are constantly building 5g base stations, and they also find that the power consumption of 5g base stations is very fast, which is much higher than that of 4G network.

Finally, it’s difficult for operators to recover the cost. It’s true that this year, the three major operators are constantly implementing 5g packages and removing some 4G packages. It’s not difficult to see that operators are in a hurry. The initial construction of 5g costs a lot, and the operating cost is relatively high. However, 5g users have not skyrocketed.

Japan officially announced

In the field of science and technology, there is no end in the field of communication. The current lead is only temporary. In the field of communication, other countries are also in the constant research and development. Japan’s science and technology is also very developed. Recently, news came from Japan.

Japan has successfully developed 6G chips, and at the same time, it has to make 6G rules. China is still in 5g construction, but Japan has begun to enter 6G. It is reported that the 6G chip developed by Japan is only the foundation, but this also shows that Japan has begun to attack 6G.

This should alert us that we should not be immersed in the joy of 5g. Zhang Ping, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that 4G will change life, 5g will change society, and 6G will change the world, which also means that 6G will create more value.

At present, China is still facing challenges in 5g, and Japan has begun to voice in 6G. Therefore, China’s 5g and 6G are facing double challenges, and Chinese academicians have voiced many times. We still need to work hard to keep the lead.

The so-called siege is easy, but the defense is difficult. Although 5g is already leading, technology is endless, and there is no end. If you want to occupy the height all the time, you have to start ahead of others.

Write at the end

5g era has come, although there will be problems in the process of construction, it is also a normal thing, only through continuous improvement, can we become more and more mature.

It will take some time, and we need to work hard on 6G. Recently, Academician Li Deren said at the big data technology communication and application summit forum that the US side has come ahead of us on 6G space network.

Therefore, the revolution has not yet been successful, whether 5g or 6G is a big challenge, and we need to continue to work hard. Now technology has become a trump card, who has the technology first, who has the autonomy and decision-making power.

In life, do you feel the figure of 5g? It may soon be popularized.

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