With the continuous development of our country, our independently developed scientific and technological products are also deeply loved by everyone. For example, some banks, restaurants, hotels and other occasions have also put some intelligent robots to reduce people’s work pressure. Of course, this also includes many smart homes on the market, which also makes people’s life much more convenient.

Inspired by this, a 24-year-old boy in our country invented a “toy robot”, named hexa, which can be manipulated by setting a little simple code. It is said to be a toy robot, in fact, because its shape looks like a big spider. It has six “limbs” that can be used to climb.

China invented the world's first programmable all terrain robot

This robot is actually from vincross robot company, which is also the company’s first programmable all terrain robot. Although it looks like a novel toy, it still has a sense of science and technology. In the first half of 2017, it won the if design Grand Prix and cesasia innovation and technology award. Then in the second half of the year, it obtained US $221.533 and RMB 732.214 from KickStarter and JD’s crowdfunding.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the robot also carries night vision function and HD camera. At the same time, it also has infrared transmitter, sensor and an accelerator. This purpose is to ensure that it can quickly perceive the surrounding obstacles. Because it has six “limbs”, it can be competent in any terrain, and it can carry weight if necessary.

China invented the world's first programmable all terrain robot

Moreover, the endurance of hexa is also quite good. It can reach four hours when it is fully charged, and when charging, it only takes one and a half hours for wired charging. It can fully meet the regular use of users. And it can also enter the sleep state by itself. In the sleep state, it will automatically lie down on the ground.

However, the biggest highlight of this robot is that it can be programmed. It is internally equipped with the Linux kernel of the mind operating system. Of course, it can not only simply carry out development challenges, but also endow the robot with more functions according to individual wishes.

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