A small wearable intelligent blood pressure monitoring watch can monitor the changes of blood pressure and heart rate anytime and anywhere, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises.

Shenzhen jinyidi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed a scientific and technological product with global exclusive medical certification, which is very different from the “smart watch or bracelet” in the market with the gimmicks of “measuring heart rate” and “measuring blood pressure”.

This is the smallest, thinnest and lightest wearable smart blood pressure watch in the world. The result of blood pressure test of this watch is very accurate. Its core technology is micro integrated air pump. It has domestic invention and international PCT patent, unique core algorithm and meets the national non-invasive blood pressure measurement standard.

It is reported that in the electronic sphygmomanometer industry, Omron, Panasonic and other Japanese brands have always been in a monopoly position. As a local enterprise in Shenzhen, jinyidi has broken this pattern with independent research and development. Its subversive wearable smart blood pressure watch has successively obtained a number of national invention patents, overseas invention patents and PCT patents, becoming the only independently owned pressurized air pump in the industry It is the only national high-tech enterprise in China that has obtained all intellectual property rights of electronic sphygmomanometers.

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