How 5gtob enables thousands of lines of business is the biggest problem faced by 5g applications, and it is also a hot topic discussed on mwc2021. Wang Tao, managing director of Huawei, said: “on the one hand, 5g is entering more and more industries and has high hopes; on the other hand, after a year of exploration, 5gtob still has many business breakpoints in matching the needs of the industry.” Soon, a monograph of the same name “how 5gtob enables thousands of lines and industries” will be published to systematically talk about how 5g can be implemented in the industry and promote the consensus of 5g application in all walks of life. However, in the end, it is shallow to talk on paper. The real landing of 5g in thousands of lines and industries is the most convincing.

China has implemented more than 5000 5g commercial innovation projects

2020 is a year of rapid development of 5g. The biggest change brought by 5g is to realize the communication between people and things, things and things, realize the interconnection of all things, and create new value for thousands of industries. “In China, driven by 5g, more than 5000 commercial innovation projects are being implemented.” Wang Tao said, “after 5g is introduced into all walks of life, there are thousands of different changes in demand, scene and terminal.”

At 534 meters underground in the roadway of Yangquan coal mine, Shanxi Province, 5g enabling robot replaces manual inspection, ensuring the safe production of underground operation; In the production workshop of Hunan Valin Xianggang, 5g remote control allows workers to get rid of the noisy and high-temperature working environment, and brings about 26% efficiency improvement; In precision manufacturing industries such as home appliances and automobiles, 5g is applied to machine vision, AR auxiliary maintenance and active operation and maintenance of production equipment, which improves the automation and intelligence of the factory and realizes flexible manufacturing and efficient production.

In order to realize large-scale business, 5gtob not only needs to build end-to-end industrial application solutions and service processes, but also needs to build an ecosystem so that enterprise representatives and experts from different industries and fields can sit together to discuss and define scenario requirements, develop solutions and realize interconnection. These breakpoints cannot be solved by any party and need to be dealt with by the whole industry.

2020 is the first commercial year of 5gtob. More than 20 industries around the world have deployed 5g demonstration applications, such as coal mine, steel, port and manufacturing. Global operators have signed more than 1000 5g industry application contracts.

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, said: “according to the prediction of GSMA think tank, by 2025, nearly half of the connections in China’s mobile industry will adopt 5g technology, which is the same as other leading 5g market applications. From 2020 to 2025, China’s mobile industry will invest 1.36 trillion yuan in construction funds, of which 90% will be used for 5g.” John Hoffman believes that with the investment and deployment of 5g network and the rising enthusiasm of consumers and enterprises for 5g, China’s mobile industry has worked closely with various vertical industries to try new business models and explore solutions to various daily challenges. According to the influence of 5g in real life, Chinese mobile operators continue to accumulate valuable experience and best practices, which will benefit all walks of life around the world.

Specifically, it is reflected in the establishment of appropriate industry standards and specifications, which is an important basis for the scale development of various industries; Deepening cooperation with industry partners is the key to finding feasible solutions and meeting urgent needs; Firmly integrate innovation into solution design and thinking mode to ensure maximum value.

5g breaks the data island of intelligent system

Sun Pengfei, head of the ICT strategy and marketing 5gtob solutions Department of Huawei, believes that there are two main difficulties in enabling thousands of industries: the first is the scene transformation. There are many application scenarios in an industry, and these scenarios are very different. What enterprises care about is that they can really solve problems; The second is to sort out what role 5gtob can play in the transformation to the industry, what role it may play, and what ability it can contribute to this role.

For example, in the mining area scene, the mining party spontaneously uses 5g UAV to conduct safety inspection, and combines safety inspection with 3D acquisition of surface data. For example, limestone used for cement has a certain risk during mining, which can now be solved by UAV. In the past, it took at least a few months to do surface data survey, but now UAVs can fly around, even at the top of the mountain, and solve the problem in 20 minutes.

“Enterprises are very eager for 5g applications, and due to the addition of super uplink technology to 5g, the distance of AI recognition in the past can be extended from hundreds of meters to more than 2 kilometers.” Sun Pengfei said, “in modern enterprises, there are almost no people on many production lines. We can use 5g machine vision to collect this information to the cloud, train and learn in the cloud, and generate corresponding early warning.”

There are 4300 ports in the world, more than 5300 coal enterprises in China, and countless manufacturing enterprises. 5gtob technology enables a large market space for thousands of industries, but the key to entering these markets is to solve real problems for the industry.

Yu Weigang, executive vice president of Valin Xianggang group, said that Xianggang is doing the preliminary work of 5g empowerment. He said: The more intelligent 5g + spot check system is used, the more dangerous it will be for our factory to use the original 5g + spot check system. For example, compared with the original 5g + spot check system, the more intelligent the spot check system is, the more dangerous it will be for our factory to use Sensor technology is used for data acquisition, and then directly connected to 5g network. After the detection data is analyzed through big data, the deterioration trend of the equipment will be fully mastered. Before 2016, our equipment utilization rate was about 78%, the average was 93.5% last year, and reached 96.3% in January this year. “

Standardization reduces the application cost of 5g industry

Zhang Xueli, President of East China branch of China Academy of communications and communications, believes that from the perspective of 5gtob, the standardization work will be more challenging than that of other communication technologies in the past.

First, cross-border cooperation is needed. The communication industry has rich experience in standardization, and Huawei has rich experience in international standardization. It is indeed a necessary prerequisite for us to enter various international and domestic markets, and plays a good role in expanding the scope of application and reducing costs. It is important for enterprises to cooperate closely with the information industry in order to reduce the cost of the industry. In terms of mechanism, we should break the original standardization mechanism of the communication industry and promote all parties to form more cooperation.

Second, 5gtob has a long industrial chain and a large ecosystem, and the standardization work needs to be further subdivided and deepened. In the past, one or two drafting units may be enough for a standard, but not now. More interested parties are required to participate, and the more, the better.

Third, we need to speed up the standardization process. The pain point of the industry is relatively clear. We need to promote it quickly, and the whole standardization process also needs to be faster. In addition to the existing mechanisms of international standards, national standards and industrial standards, we can give more play to the role of group standards and alliance standards.

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